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# 1 The Remora Maneuver
07-27-2012, 12:13 AM
The Federation Star Ship U.S.S. Valor finds its self adrift in the Paulson nebula. The U.S.S. Endeavor, under the command of Lieutenant Jude Fischel, answers the Valors distress call and quickly dispatches the Gorn light attack ships threatening it.

In order for the Valor to get back under way it needs a measure of Dilthium Crystals from a nearby mine. Attempting to beam the requested materials aboard the Endeavor is blocked by a jamming station hidden on a nearby asteroid and ambushed by several attack ships and two battle cruisers.

~The Maneuver
Out gunned, out numbered, and unable to run Lieutenant Fischel has the Endeavor zip in close to one of the large cruisers using his smaller, faster, more maneuverable ship to stay just below and aft of the beast. From beneath the cruisers belly he has all batteries fire, and varies speed to stay just ahead or just behind the ship as its compatriots attempt firing on the Endeavor. Caught by its own allies blasts, along with the pounding from the smaller federation vessel, the Gorn Cruiser is critically wounded. The Endeavor slips away with two small attack craft hot on its tail. As a parting shot at the Gorn Cruiser the Endeavor launches a Photon Torpedo. The Cruisers warp drive goes critical and catches the two pursuing fighter craft in the explosion.

The Endeavor uses the confusion to dodge through the asteroid field, the nebula interference hiding it from the rest of the ambush. The Endeavor takes out the jamming facility quickly.

Alerted by the jamming facilities explosion the remaining ambushers take up pursuit again. Using the asteroids to avoid the second cruiser the Endeavor takes out the other small attack craft, scoops up the Dilithium and delivers it to the Valor. The Valor, now being held together by pure resilience and what repairs the crew could affect while the Endeavor distracted the other ships, catches the pursuing cruiser off guard and takes down its shields. The Endeavor, meanwhile, comes about and seeing the opening, opens up with all weapons.

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