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so, last night, I decided to switch back to my odyssey (free giveaway, not any of the c-store options)

I went to the ship customization officer (tailor) to see about adjusting my look

#1 - ship windows appears to be broken - using advanced options, the button is present, but if I *ever* click on it, the tab disappears entirely - if you select any other tab (odyssey skin type, or bridge type) the button for windows re-appears, but still disappears if you click on it - also, for whatever reason, whenever that appears/re-appears, it alternates between windows 1 and windows 4

#2 - odyssey skin #6 appears to be available, selectable, even purchasable (I do *not* own any of the c-store odysseys - but the skin is selectable without any of the normal c-store check boxes, and the whole costume appears purchasable for nothing but energy credits), but if I select it and purchase it, the money does not *appear* to come out of my account, nor does the skin-type appear to change in sector space

this is with borg engines, deflector and universal console (and maco shields) present, but with borg visuals turned off (I leave the maco on)

#3 - minor point, but the fleet emblem is selectable once, appears on the ship skin, but if you ever go back to starfleet logo, the emblem entirely disappears, and never re-appears if you re-select fleet emblem

sorry, but I haven't tried this with any other ships - but that's what I noticed...

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