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05-18-2013, 12:02 AM
I would like to see them add ALL the Facility 4028 assets. Doors, consoles, holographic walkways, etc.

Some tool props that could be placed and interacted with would also be nice, such as isolinear chips, holographic imagers, sonic drivers, and regenerators.

The "shuttle" interiors would be invaluable, as none of them are currently available to my knowledge.

Ground maps that function as "space" maps, like in one of the new special missions in Legacy of Romulus. Even if only small craft can be used in them, that's okay, although I would prefer it if all types of ships can be used in them.
These maps would likely have to come with scaled down props so that any placed structures would appear to be at the proper scale compared to players' ships.
This could also lead up to the addition of "atmospheric" map exclusive enemy types, such as the ones in the aforementioned mission. If you've seen or played the mission in test, you should know which ones I mean. The big guys.

"Locked" doors for each faction, to complement the opening versions. All opening doors must have a non-opening version - and vice versa - so that doors can be made to lock and unlock during missions.

Costume assets from other factions besides the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Republic (those had better be added!), such as Dominion, Borg, Cardassian, Breen, etc.

All missing costumes from the C-Store (Z-Store) and events, such as the Jupiter and Odyssey/Bortas uniforms and "Fleet of 2409" ship skins.

Re-add "leaked" ships that were pulled, such as the Vesta. Also add in all missing playable ship types to the Foundry's costume creator, as well.

Additional combat NPC groups, such as Romulan Turrets and Fed/KDF/Romulan drones, with the option to leave "turret" enemies rooted in place. Some options for other factions would also be nice, including generic ones for "aliens".
Another combat NPC group type that could be added would be 1800's soldiers, to complement the Vietnam, WWI & WWII, and modern marines and soldiers already in the list of requested assets.

Romulan transporter pads.

Small, short-wide, and thin-tall forcefields, for use in blocking specific locations in confined areas, such as doors that are outset from walls or openings that are part of outdoor buildings or structures. Options for forcefields used by other factions (where applicable) would be great as well.

P.S. The ability to import and export costumes from the Foundry (even from outside the Foundry) was added a while back, making two of the points in the list complete and successful.

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05-18-2013, 07:59 PM
Various food, store, and props to build a market, as seen in Virinat (LoR). Including market tent, open food crates.... Maybe some alien stuff to sell.

More forcefield. Currently they are extremely few, the most used are the broken forcefield and the horizontal forcefield. Different size for forcefield would be welcome to.
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*- (text) is my addition to the quote inside the quote

Originally Posted by gammatroop View Post
I hope one of the devs will see this.
This is my smaller list of things or suggestions I would love to see in foundry.

FX - White out (fades the screen in white color - could be useful to simulate nukes or super novas etc.)

FX - White in (Well eventually the player need to see something again.)

FX - Black out (could be used to simulate a knock out of the player or ending a cinematic scene.)

FX - Black in (Well eventually the player need to see something again.)

FX - Black hole , White hole

Moons we need some small moons not just huge planets.

*- adobe photoshop has a neat plugin for old photoshop 6 and before 5.5 i think Flaming Pear....once you have that you could create millions of planets and or moons and all one does is make it without atmosphere then bend the image over a 3d model of a sphere , then you could create either a plugin for atmospheres OR if you want to take time per moon and plaent make the atmosphere and do a mini animated model per moon and planet by placcing images batching over the sphere model.....YEA doable and would be very cool visually for players and foundary makers.

Non looping animations. An extra button like looped or non loop would be useful here for both space and ground.

A real camera tool (take a look on game Editors like in Unreal Tournament, Arma2 etc. to see how something like that could work.)

A 3D preview screen in some corner of the screen for ground based level building. Most 3D editors have something like that to aid the players in their creations. Something like that would be very beneficial for sto.)

A real npc waypoint system + triggering possibilities aka variable = true the ship or ground npc moves. Is the variable = false the ship will wait till it gets true. There should be endless waypoints available and they should be linked to the specific npc of course. They could also get linked with other npc waypoints. Example person1 waits till person 2 reaches his waypoint before person1 continues on his route etc. He could also set the radius of a waypoint. So you never know exactly where a npc is headed.

A sound trigger system. If you do not allow people to upload their own songs and sounds possibly due to license problems. Then at least give em a chance to use all sounds and music tracks that are currently available in STO. Sounds and music are very important to improve the atmosphere of a game or a mission. Sounds should get triggered whenever the player wants. And combat ambient sounds should be looped automatically till the player disables them per script again.

*- license problems for user created content is easy to solve A) if its found you dont have rights you get your mission scrubbed and berated by a dev....( j/k on last part) and B) otherwise it becomes property of cryptic, except where trek and star trek and any cbs considerations are warranted .....a simple review by one dev over new missions once a week could sample most of that to verify....i'd love to add my own sound bites and effects.

Different win conditions on different dialog choices. If the player chooses option A he ends up in map1 if he chooses option B he ends up in map2 instead etc. Something like that would increase the replay value of a mission a lot. It's very recommended.

*- not just for win conditions but say a larger maping situation like say then a simulated dyson sphere you can use extra space maps for different sections and perhaps make a very involved region....FOR ground this gives you ability to create a homeworlds space dock etc and multiple areas...

*- a seocnd idea here is that one could then push to a second foundary mission in a kind of like series much like they do in episodes so that really involved plots and stories dont take 10 years to play and need ot get played all at once. THIS in affect allows the user base to be there own J.J. Abrams.....and real popular ones give cbs and cryptic ( especially the latter for a story if say a cbs bunch want to do that for a tv/movie) ideas....they will thusly own....

Jem'Hadar npc space groups

Single ships. Allowing the mapper additionally to place single enemy ships instead of just entire groups.

Lower orbit space backgrounds which would play in lower orbit as the name suggests. The player would fight over planets perhaps even seeing tiny cities below him and maybe small explosions on the ground etc. It would be an interactive background.

*--This could ty in nicely to a kind of plot for dyson sphere like objects as an example OR perhaps a fight with a planets orbital defenses ....kinda of like starfleet command 2/3

More dynamic. Existence possibility in % as additional option. So sometimes there will be enemies or mission objective available sometimes they wont.

kinda like the archer system in romulan space for patrol missions where sometimes the enterprise shows up and doesnt to help you....adlib : perhaps also you might get % chance for help at certain spots for when its a bit more likely dpending ona previous choice variable...ya thats a bit but adds to the well that was different then last time effect.

Stars either as FX or real object. They should illuminate stronger than the simple background stars. Could be useful for many mission scenarios.

Assigning 4 space npcs following you. They would be in the players team and follow the player automatically. At the moment the player has that luxury only with real humans in his team. Same like with ground npcs the space ones would get replaced with humans if there is more than one human in the team. That could be useful for plenty of scenarios. They could respawn like in stfs or not at all.

Npc god mode - useful if you want to simulate something specific or just want that npc to stay alive story wise.

Lock box ships in Editor. Please enable all lock box and other old special ships in the editor under npc control. The player may not have one of those ships but at least he can make good use of them in the editor story wise.

Own npc ship implementation. Eventually implementing a system that allows modders to implement own ships (just like the ground characters) into the game. Those ships would be linked to the specific foundry mission and couldn't get used anywhere else. They would get uploaded with the mission when it gets published.
That way fans can't take over but still improve the universe a lot. At the moment the choices are very limited to a few races only what is very story limiting.
However that would require some sort of modding sdk for fans to know how to build their models and configs accordingly. Or try to implement something like the game Spore did just for space ships with 100 of tiny pieces the mapper can choose from like it's already the case with ground npcs.

*-perhaps this can be gained maybe with additional purchase power for hte person whose serious vs some whom want to just have a bit a fun making missions .....I too like this and i have watched not just trek so have tons of ideas and i know i could come up with some wacky designs ...and add in custom alien making and....ya i'd be go go go mode for ever.
galactic civilization 1 and 2 had all your parts of a ship and as you researched tech someties you got to add parts and you had to drag the parts to the base hull and so on thus building aship.... that's doable but would also be a major piece a work form what i gather BUT again gives foundary creators REAL power for the storeis and really gives the game a good name for fan base interaction.

New Aliens. I would wish me a lot more unknown perhaps even self invented ground space npcs. Something that looks very alien like and wont be used in any official sto mission. So the fan base may find own roles for those groups.

*- See above for ships

WIP invitation Allowing the mapper to invite people of the friends list to closed beta tests before a mission gets published. Perhaps even extending it to send the entire project in source format over to that other player or mapper. The other player who received it would have it couldn't publish it or change the id or duplicate it etc to protect the rights of the original author. Anyway he could then check on the structure of the mission and may find bugs faster or does text corrections for the other person etc. till he or she sends it back. At the moment the mapper community is rather alone when it comes down to good & conclusive beta testing or helping out each other. And do not forget about the significant learning effect such a feature would have. A noob mapper could learn very fast from an experienced one. That way I learned 3D mapping rather fast back in the good old days. The ability to check out the source files of other mappers seeing how things are done helped me a lot.

*- THIS ABOVE ALL ELSE would abe real real helpful and allow for a ton of issue hunting and get real feedback to thus improve stuff, perhaps a invite by fleet for beta test....might be cool....

quick-slow motion effect - Could be used to show specific events happen in slow motion or in fast motion to simulate time passing by.

*- idea i have there is a story about a dead world that was once not and showing a spin as it turns a story is told from a ancient artifact.

Weather effects & time a setting allowing the mapper to set the weather on a pre set planet ground map. Also allowing him to set the time. 00:00 means it'll be night on that planet. 7:00 will be day light and so on.
*- add to an above one where its % triggered OR based on previous decisions you made and maps you had ot go to get there thus emulate your decisions have an effect on time and things occurred or haven't ....

ive added some of my bits to this guys requests and perhaps example uses where they are useful or allow for a better mission(s)

- also perhaps some deep space nine borged out assets for the station , like borg invading a section ....
( i'll add as i go more here )

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05-18-2013, 11:54 PM
Since it's apparently being removed until further notice, I am asking for the ability to import/export costumes from the Foundry.

I would also like to see the ability to specify what type of NPC each NPC in a group is, for both ground and space groups. Adding Medical Drones to a Borg group? No problem! Need that extra-special ship to not only show up with the proper costume, but use the correct powers as well? Sure!

EDIT: Please add in the Section 31 uniform, as I'm sure a good deal of missions are... lacking without it.

Taken from walshicus and myself, I would like to see the addition of several new options for ground and space groups and NPCs, consisting of the following:
  • Ground: Killed at 0% health, defeated at #% health, beam out at #% health
  • Space: Destroyed at 0% health, disabled at #% health, warp out at #% health
("#" being a definable value.)

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05-23-2013, 04:42 PM
I would love to have the Tal Shiar lockbox ships and their bridges.
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05-24-2013, 01:23 PM
More wishlist items:

1) Interior: Viewscreen objects with FX. If you could give us black narrow objects that simply play animation such as "forward through stars", "warp speed", sideways through starts, top-down through stars.... we could even use them outside of windows if you'd allow it to simulate a ship moving through space while you are in the interior of it.

2) Interior: Background for interior of ship on the move (some of the bridge maps have ceiling windows so that would require a full wrapping effect).

3) Ground: Phaser, Disruptor, Photon Torpedo from the sky... with an explosion might be nice too. :-)

4) Interior: Foods, Drinks, Table Settings.

5) Interior: Animation: Socialize, Drink, Eat Hors d'ouvres, Friendly Chat. (I was trying to simulate a group of people celebrating after a victory and having a hard time with that).

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05-24-2013, 01:59 PM
What I want most is non-looping warp idles.

Second most is text variables to address player by diplomatic (or espionage, or colonial...) rank.
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05-25-2013, 05:22 PM
Another awesome feature (asset?) would be the ability to use a mimic costume of your own department heads and a mimic costume of the player's character. I've been daydreaming about various exploration missions and a lot of exciting stories use "dopplegangers" too.

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05-26-2013, 07:23 AM
Yes! Would love to control the usage of BOFFs more in missions. Would be great for mirror universe missions to have in game, a set of enemies looking exactly like the away team you beamed down or something.

Would also be good to just distinguish your first officer in dialogue rather than just random tactical, science or engineering. And/or lock certain away team formations (numbers or none, force or exclude certain departments or XO...)
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05-29-2013, 02:09 PM
I'd love to see a few improvements in gameplay mechanics. Especially triggering. Atm you're able to say "Reach waypoint 1 or reach waypoint 2 to spawn a ship". I'd love to have the "or" replaceable with like every logic gate known of electric circuits: NOR, NAND, AND, OR ...
This would allow us to do a way more complex triggering instead of simple or.

A really great addition would also be to "reset" triggers. This would allow for actually working holodecks. Imagine the dive bar of Voyager, built in the foundry, spawnable with triggers. And a nice office, also spawnable with triggers at the same place. Now normally you only could activate and deactivate those locations once, afterwards you'd need to restart the mission to see them again. If you could have a trigger-reset it would allow for endlessly swapping between those locations and also allowing much more ingame.

But the most fantastic addition for the foundry would be adding scripts and the option to script everything. Think about the following situation: You are standing on a bridge built in the Foundry. Also the sickbay is visitable on the same map. Now there is an attack on the ship. This is already doable with camera-shakes and FX-explosions/fires etc. Several crewmen get injured and get beamed into the sickbay. The EMH is activated as well. Now you go to the sickbay and see that the EMH as soon as it was activated goes to the injured crewmen, scans them, and performs various actions randomly, simulating a first care.

IF the situation described above is possible atm, it would be a pain in the ass to get it working like intended. Way better would be allowing to script everything, telling the EMH to first get to one bed, do action ... , then go to bed two, again do action ... etc.
In general the option to script could be very helpful and allow for many things to be performed by the mission-creator, up to main characters who will follow through the story and actually "play" with you. Characters who will walk to a console and work on it, activate triggers, talk with other NPCs. But also scripted events, like "when Objective complete: Talk to NPC1 start timer 5:00 ; if timer goes to 0:00 perform FX-explosion" would be possible. The example would trigger an explosion 5:00 minutes after you talked to an NPC.
Possible commands could be "if, then, else", getting an NPC to perform actions after each other, timed events etc. There would be endless possibilities allowing for the best foundry-missions ever.

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