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*a female officer sits near the aft end of Ten Forward, talking with an ensign, then another, and another. It seems she's interviewing them for something. During the latest conversation, she stands up and says:*

"Welcome to The Sons of Themis, ensign. I'm sure - as your families first born son - your parents will be happy."

"I'm sure. Wherever they are..."

*the bridge officer ensign walks away with an expression of nostalgia, but also of joy - that his work has culminated to something this glorious*

*Lady Themis sits back down with a smile, picks up a data pad, and continues to look at her list, of potential recruits until the next officer arrives*

//contact here, or in-game at @apocalypse2001
Career Officer
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 793
// I want this thread to be in character. But I just wanted to post the website I am creating. It uses elements that are only available if you pay, but I've taken screen shots. This is the album:

Please join! We need more players. (Only with male avatars)

P.S. the screen shots shown in the album are smaller than actual size.

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