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I am currently level 7 and really enjoying the game but I am wondering about some things. A lot has been answered in my searches here and on the wiki but would appreciate some help with the following-

I have chosen engineer as I usually play pve tank in other games and I like the look of some of the cruisers. Are engineer/cruisers fun to play in pvp? Or will I be like a frustrated pinata and circled, slowly picked off by skilled tactical players?

Also, will a pve spec tank work for pvp? I usually need 2 specs as a tank for pvp and pve.

Can I stay and upgrade the ship I like the look of? I like the Exeter class look and similar classic styled ships. I haven't seen much of the other ships yet but I'm guessing I have to go with a battle cruiser later on for the higher stats.

Thanks in advance

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