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I am looking for a home for my three KDF and KDF-allied characters:

Rhyannha (LG Orion Female Science - lvl 50)
Gutt (Cmdr Gorn Tactical - lvl 23)
Zchraan (Cmdr Reman Engineer - lvl 21-ish)

I should warn you ahead of time that I am looking for the 'right fit'. I am not desperate to join up. I've gone this long without and can go longer if I have to.

Allow me to start by saying, large fleets probably need not send me an invite. As an advocate for the needs of small fleets, I'd prefer to contribute to a small to medium sized fleet that actually needs a member.

If you're just starting out, though, I'll have to politely decline. If I wanted to be in a new KDF fleet, I'd just start one myself.

You must be alt-friendly and open to casual players. My main runs a small Fed fleet, so I won't be on as KDF exclusively. If you don't have a home for ALL of my KDF alts, it won't feel like home. Understand that the fleet I am a leader of is my priority, and all will be well.

You must be a family-friendly fleet. Preferably one that shares the same values as my Fed fleet: Friendship, Freedom, Fun, and Fair-Play. You should be an Honorable KDF fleet, and have a sense of humor.

You should be understanding of the fact that I am a husband and father of four with responsibilities and that I might very well have to drop what I am doing in-game and go back to being a dad at a moment's notice.

I understand restrictions on permissions. I respect rules of decorum and order (or even the lack of same ). But if you have a lot of restrictive rules, such as "contribute x dilithium per week", "must use teamspeak", "must be hardcore PvPer", "can't use x consoles", "have to wear fleet uniform", or "have to play in the fleet every day" I'm probably not a good fit for you.

You should have a fleet portal on the web, so I can get to know you before I join up. Or else, give me a chance to spend some time with your fleet members in-game so I can get a feel for how things are run in your fleet.

Your fleet leader should be a benevolent one who looks out for his fleet members and tries to do what's best for the fleet and not just himself.

Your fleet members should be willing to share their knowledge and help others. I am a long-time casual player, but there is still a lot of content that I've never played. I'm willing to learn.

As a Community Moderator, I will not give your fleet any unfair preference over any other fleet that uses these forums. I don't bend the rules for my Fed fleet and won't do it for yours.

In return for giving me a fleet home, I will contribute what I can to your fleet's projects and let other players know what a great fleet you are. I will not rip you off, or take advantage. I will be faithful to your fleet if you are faithful to me.

(Yeah, sure, that's what they all say. But they are not each a Community Moderator who'd like to keep his good name.)

In fact, I expect to make an immediate contribution to fleet projects if I am invited to your fleet and find it to be a good fit for me. I do not expect a role in fleet leadership. One fleet is plenty.

I will be open to reciprocal membership in my fleet for your Fed alts, and maybe trying to organize a little KvF PvP sometime. But if not, that's fine too.

I will continue my habit of promoting this game, and the KDF, and the STO Community with honesty, fairness, and graciousness. Your fleet should share those qualities.

If you decide after inviting me that I am not the right fit for you, we can part amicably and quietly with no hard feelings. Vice versa, I hope.

If after reading all of this you still want to invite me, please send me an in-game email as I do not accept unsolicited invites and have zero intention of joining blindly. Sending me a blind invite will pretty much influence me against joining your fleet. Friend requests are okay, though.

You can reply to this thread, but I would appreciate an in-game response as well. Send it to Rhyannha@bluegeek. I'll probably want to ask a few questions before I join, so don't be surprised.
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# 2
02-06-2014, 02:33 AM
Just saw this and wanted to respond. I sent you an email in game.

This is our post in the recruitment thread. House of Legacy

Please check us out and come hang with us a bit.

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# 3
02-06-2014, 04:30 AM
house of beautiful has a spot on the roster for you. our only requirement is that the beautifuls enjoy greater latitude in regards for forum moderation and the like. if you dont mind being our 'inside man' and turning a blind eye now and then, go ahead and send me a /tell.
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# 4
02-06-2014, 07:34 AM
Our fleet called "The Knights of Honor" is small to medium fleet. We are currently recruiting and need more active members. We have regular fleet mark runs, Energy Credit farming...etc. once a day or two days to keep up the fleet projects.

We are a friendly helpful fleet that enjoys the game..No matter what's your playstyle, you are welcome to join..

My in game name is @riddlins
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# 5
02-06-2014, 07:47 AM
I am in a small but well developed KDF fleet. Social but not dictorial. Fun and easy.
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# 6
02-06-2014, 07:54 AM
ISC is recruiting

Feel Free to look over our website... Facebook page.


@Captain.Proton.7 in game if you have any Questions.
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# 7
02-06-2014, 06:01 PM
I'll keep this pretty short and say if you have the time to check out The House of Martok. If it seems like the sort of fleet your looking for you are more than welcome to join. If you have any questions i'm more than happy to answer. We have guys from all over, England, Ireland, US, Canada etc. They are a great bunch of guys and extremely helpful. The Fleet is pretty new but we got our Fed Fleet up to tier 4 in 6 months and hopefully should be able to do the same with the House of Martok. We are currently concentrating on the Mine and are doing the first Tier 3 upgrade now. I've also put up a link for our recruitment thread here in Qo'noS where some of the members have put up replies if you want to see what they said. Anyway, hope to hear back from you and if you want to contact me ingame you can get me at Winters@winters83 or Mar'tok@winters83

Recruitment thread for House of Martok1

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