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So what the frell happened Cryptic? I played Breach (normal) yesterday, and did it just now -- it was RIDICULOUSLY buffed compared to yesterday. Not just in Breach, but in Contested/Allied Zones as well. I noticed this on multiple toons, so it wasn't just some 1-off bug.

The ships -- they're spamming Grav Wells so fast it's retarded. These special Grav wells sap shields, drain power so you cannot move, and crush hull on even a tanky Oddy build in mere seconds. It doesn't help that 1) these are the FIRST and ONLY thing these ships use against you, 2) you cannot get out, you cannot move, cannot repair, and cannot defend against it, and 3) I have a sci that is fully spec'ed and decked out for maximum GW3 damage and I get NOTHING compared to this level of absurd damage and drain going on here.

Not to mention 10 ships are spamming it and Tyken's Rift nonstop!

Back to "Breach" -- my team of 5 had 2 cruisers, 1 scimitar, 1 Rom BoP and my Hegh'Ta. We were on NORMAL and were being freaking MASSACRED repeatedly. Even just by the local mobs. Then we got to the citadel ship!

This is stupid. Simply stupid. It proves only that Cryptic does NOT play this game and has no concept of balance.

Laundry list of what the citadel ship did:

- Super agro -- would not detarget you even if you flew outside 10k, even if you cloaked, even if you were NOT doing the most damage -- threat reading was totally FUBAR in terms of what the AI was doing.

- Spamming charged particle burst to kill all pets, mines, heavy warheads that -- you know? -- might actually harm it, but doing this and grav well 3 so much it took the 5 of us 10 minutes to kill the 1 ship. I think I died the least of our lot, even though I held agro for 90% of the fight.

- Instantly teleporting you to a stupid spot BEHIND it, but doing so even if you're cloaked, even if you polarize hull plating, even if you evasive away.

- sub-nuke nonstop. Every shot it fired was nuking me. I would hit fire at will, and it's gone. I would ready mine dispersal pattern and by the time I was in position to drop the mine the pattern was wiped and I only dropped as if un-buffed. I would hit evasives but it would nuke me and I couldn't get away. I'd sit there. This also happened with Ramming Speed and many other skills. This may be why the fight lasted about 10 minutes for ONE DAMNED SHIP.

The mobs weren't as bad but the Bulwark battleships are ludicrously overpowered as well. They were wiping us out, especially when mobbed together in the masses like in the first hangar room and the last room before the power reactor. They were doing massive damage, sucking shields dry faster than borg shield neutralizer, and killing people (again) super fast. I rarely had any shields the entire match and was below 20% hull a third of the time. This shouldn't have happened, period.

You can't blame this on the team, either. Even if somewhat less than perfect, within certain variations, I know what ***I*** can do. I know I get 1st place in CCE often. I know I do plenty of damage on this particular build.

The voth were overpowered as it was YESTERDAY. Today they're fugging nearly unstoppable. ON NORMAL.

Seriously, what's the deal? Saw how screwed up HSE was, and wanted to screw the rest of the game up as bad?
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11-17-2013, 12:53 AM
Screenshots or logs or something? I just spent a couple of hours in the Contested Zone and didn't encounter that. The Battleships love their GW and subnuc, and the Bastions spam the Tyken's, plus someone with a buffed up Tachyon Beam (wasn't sure who) and the Chroniton spreads, so if you had a couple of battlegroups after you all at once then yeah then its gonna be sci-spam city. Points in Power Insulators? Science Team?
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11-17-2013, 12:58 AM
I haven't had much problem with any of the voth ships so far. If they did get a buff its for the better, the new voth stf's are way to easy as it is and buffing the voth would be a good idea anyways. I know with the citadel its big punch weapon is easy to counter as it will show you where its going to hit (all you have to do is move) as for the spamming of GW and TR i find it a bit fun and its the first time in a long time a common npc gave me a good fight. for the Bulwark battleships well i can solo that thing without problems and anything smaller then it. So if the voth did get a buff overnight i would think its a lot better for the breach/spire

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11-17-2013, 01:06 AM
Being ludicrously spammed is NOT a "good fight" -- and the voth missions are not easy. They are actually designed so that teamwork can win or lose it, regardless of how monolithically unstoppable the mobs are. THAT is what we need. Tactics win, not the NPCs having a billion hitpoints and 1-shot killing your entire team.
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11-17-2013, 01:23 AM
Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Being ludicrously spammed is NOT a "good fight" -- and the voth missions are not easy. They are actually designed so that teamwork can win or lose it, regardless of how monolithically unstoppable the mobs are. THAT is what we need. Tactics win, not the NPCs having a billion hitpoints and 1-shot killing your entire team.
O_o what teamwork? it's pretty straight forward compared to some of the borg stf's. puged these missions all the time and never failed a mission. wait can you even fail a voth mission? I know sometimes people new to the breach don't make it out on time or fail to take out the citadel but never failed one. As for the GW spamming its not to hard to counter as with most things in sto. well maybe not Hive elite, lol that there is no counter

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11-17-2013, 01:36 AM
How, pray tell, do you counter GW3 spam? Because when you're subnuked 100% of the time, evasive maneuvers doesn't get you out of it. Polarize hull doesn't help. It stripped my tanky oddy (well over 50k hull and 3 field gen consoles boosting the shields) literally inside 10 seconds. I couldn't get out. I couldn't heal fast enough, then all my heals were on 12 minute cooldowns (I kid you not) because of all the subnuke bullcrap flying around.

As an NPC species they are MASSIVELY overpowered and just badly coded.

As for the teamwork: Try playing Breach with a team of uncooperative newbies. See how many ships you save. See how much help you get on the citadel ship and the core. More so the Storming the Spire map, which I like better. THIS one takes teamwork and coordination and tactics. To get the most reward, you need to pick your corner, kill enemy transports, defend your own, stop all the shuttles, AND the battleship.

I dare you to tell me THAT one doesn't rely on tactics and teamwork to get the most reward. I've done it with a team of first time newbies and barely got 20 marks from it because of all the shuttles that got through and all the transports we lost.
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11-17-2013, 03:12 AM
Wow. Lets recapitulate:

- The Voth are too hard a foe because you cannot ram in your ship into a horde without getting mauled like you are used to do with STO's mobs.

Oh gee, perhaps the term "positioning" should ring a bell? If you take on a voth encounter group without having a decent build you should at least make a continued
EFFORT to avoid getting gang banged, simply by spreading out and separating the group using your ability to back the fck off. The voth ships have different speeds. pull the group apart. Do not just plant a grav well and watch them clump up and then be surprised if that concentrated amount of voth start bull****ting their way with you.

What you are experiencing is this:

1.) The Grav well of the voth is the same the old undine used pre nerf, aka the black hole of doom, but its weaker since it does not insta frag you. All buffs that give a general resistance boost, like Aux to Sif and HE and Polarize hull, grant you a damage mitigation against the grav well effects.

The Well itself has no stronger a pull than any player GW, in fact i think its less because i usually cant just fly out of it with an Emergency power to engines 1 if the GW was spawned by player.
And do not blabber on about SNB, the chances to eat an snb just the moment you are attempting escape is minimal, + it should teach you not to fire off all your buffs just like that. We had this whole thing back when the breen first started to snb you, just learn not to over buff.

2.) Voth ships have powerdrain tools, its not incorporated into their grav well, its a general ability. You running into a group means getting spammed with that.

3.) voth frigates nuke you with that emp discharge. So how about not flying into whole swarms of the fckers.

4.) Ody huh? you do not happen to murder yourself on those yellow reflector shields by any chance?

General conclusion:

Since there are plenty players who do not have such troubles facing the Voth, i must call this whole thread a big QQ about how your are unable to shift your own build and tactics from whatever you are used to to something that works. And you are unable to avoid getting swarmed. Because apparently the virtues of positioning are lost to you.
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11-17-2013, 04:06 AM
It's threads like these that make this game too easy and boring.
You should be glad the Voth are challenging... and quite frankly, I played today... I didn't see the difference. I am easily able to blast them to pieces with my Fleet Assault Cruiser, Ar'kif Retrofit and - of course - my Scimitar.

Maybe you should think about your tanky Oddy before screaming for a nerf of the Voth. What I don't need is to blow them up even faster.
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11-17-2013, 08:32 AM
I have to agree with the majority of the posts here, I've been flying around in the Contested Zone quite happily nuking voth ships into valhalla without issue, yes I get hit with GW3, TR and the usual sci spam but its not as bad as you are making it out. Try doing it on a different ship or try a different build because if i remember rightly the Oddy had a crap hull after you get its shield down.

Alternatively if you want to team up with some of us I'm sure we could take the Voth down with ease.
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11-17-2013, 08:57 AM
Don't fire at the big orange bubble...rather similar to wow;s don't stand in the fire.

Having no issues with voth...
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