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Originally Posted by viperjock View Post
when will people understand that star trek is not about klingons?

they were the bad guys in the first show......good guys in TNG...bad...then good guys in DS9..and practically non-exiastant ( besides a half-breed one) in voyager.....
You forgot the D7 Cruiser that traveled from Qo'Nos to the Delta Quadrant 4 generations ago in search of the Kuvah'Magh.
"My frozen dairy-based confectionery attracts all the males of the species to the facilities. They all agree on it's superiority. Indeed, it is superior to yours. I could teach you the finer details but that would require monetary recompense on your part."
-The Milkshake Song: Vulcan Edition
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There is already a playable Borg Faction - all you need to do to be part of it is buy a lifetime subscription. - all are welcome to join, provided they endure the same financial hardships we did to get in.

It is the last reward for supporting the game that we were given for our sub that hasn't been handed out willie nillie to everyone else in the galaxy. - and even then it was only suppose to be for those of us who ponnied up the $$$ during pre-order.

BTW the nanites and neural blast are more useful then others will lead you to believe.

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The Cardassians are weak and will not do anything unless it directly benefits them.

The Romulans are shattered and also weak.

As for the Klingons... the only thing good about their "Empire" are the Orion women.

The Borg?

Dear Borg Collective,

Please attack the Klingon Empire first.

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