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# 1 Disconecting from login server
07-29-2012, 10:22 PM
This seems to only happen when logging in from the character screen. It goes "Retrieving maps" and stays there for a second then tells me I have been disconnected from login server. If I continue trying, eventually I will get logged in, and once logged in I am fine! No disconnects or anything.

Is this due to the fact that I am on the Free-To-Play area? I know it says gold users get preference on logging in, but I assumed that would mean we would go to a queue, not get disconected from the login server, and have to relog in each time.

This is annoying since I purchased some Zen to use on STO, and currently still have about 3,000 in my STO wallet, but since it takes me 20 mins to even log in, it seems buying points for the game is useless.

I should point out, that I don't have this issue with any other game, (WoW, SWTOR, LOTRO, DDO...I dont even have a problem with Perfect World) only this, which is why im assuming its because Im not gold.

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