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Just want to drop a few questions for the forum readers from Cryptic studios.

How is the Andorian ship[ships] coming along? I have heard from a few podcasts it is in the works but has no release date and is VERY early in the building stages. Just curious how its going and if it may still use the "Broadside" set up?

-Any possibility- of in the future lowering the costs of starbase projects for critically low fleets?[less than 5] I know sometimes hardware/code constraints really tie the hands of the developers.

We have heard of new fleet holdings outside the starbase itself sometime in the future. Will these be as extremely costly as the starbases?

As starbases get larger will there be more varied incursions? Example: Holding of the enemy from taking control of the starbase. or beaming from deck to deck responding to raiding parties that beam over from an attacking fleet?

As the starbase gets larger will the enemy fleets get larger because the starbase can more easily defend itself? will these effect the size of players needed for "Starbase Red Alert"?

Do the special projects effect the starbase? Example: Does completing the Gamma quadrant trading mission add in freighters that patrol back and forth from the transwarp gate to the starbase?

I am unsure anyone from Cryptic will respond to these questions but i am fairly sure they will atleast read them and take note. Anyways thanks for reading and i am really enjoying myself on the game.
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