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I am trying out an all-melee science team where each BOff has Hypospray-Dylovene 1, 2, and 3, and Vascular Regenerator 3. They don't do fantastic damage, but they are hard to kill and it looks like it wouldn't be half bad except they aren't chaining Dylovene properly.

Hypospray Dylovene has a 1:30 cooldown, and lasts for 30 seconds. If they were to use it intelligently, they would use one duplicate every 30 seconds so they have the constant melee damage buff. Except they don't, they spam all three as soon as they rush into combat, and then wait 60 seconds for all the duplicates to come off of cooldown.

I would like to see Hypospray Dylovene put all duplicate abilities on a 30 second cooldown on use, so any BOff's using duplicates are forced to chain them properly, so this skill build would become useful.

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