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Greetings TIE fans! We here at Tribbles are happy to announce that this Friday will be our 52nd episode! Our 1 Year Anniversary!!! So what does this mean for you? Well beyond our usual hijinks on the air we?re going to give away prizes! We have a large selection of prizes ranging from ships to pets to doffs that we?re going to be giving away to our faithful listeners in various ways! Read below about how you can win!
Ship Busters

Ship Busters is a TIE segment in which the guys get together and throw torpedoes at each other and try to discern the strong and weak points of ships. To celebrate doing this for you guys we?re going to give away a number of ships in a Ship Costume Contest. What this means is that we?ll have contestants gather around DS9 and we?ll vote on the 4 best ship costumes. This contest is open to both Federation and Klingon players. The prizes for this contest are some of the biggest we?ve ever given away:

1st place: D?kora cruiser
2nd place: Cardassian Galor
3rd place: Tholian Widow Fighter
4th place: Fed Mirror Ship Set (Star & Assault cruiser)

Costume Contest

The bread and butter of any good Podcast party is a costume contest. The theme for this contest is anything! Dress up in the biggest craziest costume you want to, we?re going to pick the one that catches our eyes the most and that person will become the winner of a federation EVA suit. Also during the event we?ll give away 5 DS9 costume packs so be sure to listen and pay attention if you haven?t already gotten one of these costumes!
Meet the Doffs!

Devirus our resident Doff Master will be poising to you a set of trivia questions to discern who among our listeners are the most skilled in the Doff System. The winner of this trivia contest will get a special prize indeed, two Tholian Warfare Specialists!
Emote Contest

We do have one more set of prizes to give away too! A Console Requisition Pack Subspace Jumper/Point Defense system and two more mirror ships. How we?re going to give these prizes out is a little unique. We?re going to hold our own little Star Trek Online Simon Says! What this means is that we?ll call out an emote in chat, we?ll tell you which chat channel, and then count to five. Those who preform the wrong emote or preform the emote after the time limit are removed from the contest till only three people remain. These people are the first, second and third spots. The match will continue as a timed bout, meaning who performs the emote last loses, until only one remains, who wins first place, the person they won over, second, and the last person third.


1st place: Console Pack
2nd place: Choice of Mirror Assault or Star cruisers
3rd place: Remaining mirror ship

Door Prizes

We do have one more set of prizes to give away. During the show, we will be giving away random door prizes, ranging from Pets to GPL to Consumables. So lets bring life back to Club 47 and PARTY HARD!!!
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08-09-2012, 08:38 PM
That sounds like a party even Jadzia would agree is epic

But would you have a link to TIE or details on how to participate? I can't find that anywhere in your otherwise fun-filled events post
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08-10-2012, 02:47 PM
13 mins to podcast start.

Tune in at

Odyssey Wing "Ramon" is on standby at DS9 anchorage. I'm the assault whale beside the Reman odyssey.
STF Flight Instructor since Early 2012. Newbies are the reason why STO lives and breathes today. Do not discriminate.

My Youtube Channel

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