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# 1 quick interior improvements
07-31-2012, 05:58 AM
Hi all

I know that interiors are not a priority for the dev team, but lots of players want better interiors, so here are my suggestions for quick improvements :

- add variety to current interior by simply creating texture variations : for exemple a beige/brown texture could fit for TNG interior, whiter could fit for TMP era, etc

- add a turbolift's destination to the existing conference room : cool for RP and why not put the diplomat duty console here

- add a turbolift's destination to the already created shuttle bay

- replace engine room in small layout by a smaller one similar to the DS9 pack (harder as it need editing)

- add a turbolift destination to the existing armory room seen in the tutorial (harder as it need more editing)

That is.
I think, except the last two suggestions, such improvements do not require lots of work as building a need interior from scratch
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# 2
08-03-2012, 10:26 AM
this is pretty much what i thought needed changing for the interiors i would also like to suggest a few things also

- either reduce the size of some of the bridges or utilise some of the vast empty and unused space, alot of the bridges look more like empty storage rooms rather than the command center of a starship,

- reduce the size of the corridors for medium and small interior layouts, im pretty sure you could run a lorry down the hall ways and there still be room on either side esepculy in a little miranda or defiant ship.

- ship specific console layouts, there should not be an akira layout map on the bridge of my patrol escourt

- more unique layout for the differnt layout sizes, they are currantly just varying size of main corridor, at least the klingon interior is somewhat different for interior sizes.
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# 3
08-07-2012, 07:45 AM
My suggestions were more quick way of improvements for the dev : no 3d modeling
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08-07-2012, 07:34 PM
Current interiors are just reusing elements of the ground game interiors, they are so large to accommodate the camera position, if it was 1st person view you could get away with accurately scaled interiors but at the expense of the spacial awareness of the 3d person view. I don't think they could scale down interiors without creating more problems than they solve.
I would like to have some elements put in, a shuttle bay for instance, I shouldn't have to go to the transporter room to get to my shuttle, since the shuttle bay is a map it shouldn't be that hard to add that to the list available in the turbolift. but frankly I would be just as happy if a board shuttlecraft option were included on the minimap dropdown menu, it would save me the trouble of having to visit the bridge, take the turbolift to engineering then run to the transporter just to get to my blasted shuttle.

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