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08-01-2012, 09:39 AM
Many thanks for the introduction of the Fleet Starbases!

I am, however, curious as to whether you are able to elaborate on any future plan(s) pertaining to the Starbases or content related to them?

Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
Remember, this place [Captain's Table] is so desolate that upon entering the Aenigma Nebula you will be prompted with a warp out box because the game thinks you flew there by mistake.
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08-01-2012, 10:06 AM
As others have asked--

- Lobi crystals. ** Why are they not account bound? They're a 'currency purchased via real money' like C-store points. So why can't they be transferred across characters.

- 20 dollars/2000 zen for a single character ship unlock has been rather universally received as too pricy. Is there any deliberation to reduce the number of FSM's required for fleet ships or to reduce their C-store cost in comparison to ships that cost similar (or more) money and are account unlocks?

The now the redshirt cooldown--this was one of the few events/missions that players have been very happy about for quite some time....and poof ..nerfed. Why cant you guy just leave some things alone? Why cant redshirts be changed back to the way it was and players can just enjoy it w/o interference for a change?

Also, you introduce vastly overpriced ENV suits and then nerf the heck out of the 1 mission they are useful for....who comes up with this stuff?

Finally -- whats the point of having an account bank when you cant put anything bound in it?

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08-01-2012, 10:16 AM
Why is it that the [dmg] modifier, the most useless modifier in the game is all over the space weapons for engineering tier two?

Why does the development team think that this a good thing? It was a failure on the quad cannons and now the fleet weapons? The mod would need a double digit boost to make it even somewhat viable in PvE.

What about all those who PvP and got a bunch of weapons that will never hit a player's target?
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08-01-2012, 10:31 AM
This has kind of been on everybody's minds, but Season Six came with a few bugs, which is always understandable, and though this is a cinematic problem, will the tailor be fixed soon? Many admirals are walking around with Captain's pips and such, waiting for the tailor to have pip and badge options again.

On a second note, one classic for Star Trek is the "Kobayashi Maru" test. Will there be a way to take the Kobayashi Maru in the Academy in the future?
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08-01-2012, 10:40 AM
Some players like me share their accounts with brothers or sisters, because we cannot pay a second gold member account, (we already have PWE accounts separately but on the gold account we have our best charaters because of the c-store stuff that we bought and the veteran rewards...)

Could you release something like an "unique code" to play on another computer simultaneously, with different characters of the same account? Something like 1 code per account.
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08-01-2012, 10:53 AM
When will fleets finally get some love? 6 Seasons and still no love for fleets... Seriously?

Joking of cause, but my question IS fleet related:

With the fleet bases added, what are future plans and ideas to enhance the current system. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but I see a high level of grinding the same missions and assignments all over... What are the outlooks on future additions, if any.
Also, how about a fleet daily, with Dilithium rewards along the fleet marks?
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08-01-2012, 10:56 AM
any chance that we can equip our pets with our space weapons?

for example:

Aquarius Escort with omega set and Dual Hv Cannons see my dedication plaque
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08-01-2012, 11:06 AM
Will the Steamrunner class from First Contact be added in?
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08-01-2012, 11:07 AM
Will we be able to get Fleet Marks for completing the various Fleet Actions in game?
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08-01-2012, 11:15 AM
When will we see sto get back to basics, releasing content, not nickel and diming us to death, not charging for season feature content as promised, coming back to reality on account unlocks and c-store pricing. Making most anything bound, bind on pick up...acount bound.

When will wd be able to trade commissioned boffs between characters on our own account especially bound boffs for retraining at no charge? (I believe the boff exchange was supposed to be part of season six, but how would we know since we lost the engineering reports to the substandard state of the game that told us nothing, except Stahl was still alive).

When will this game turn it around? I have been here since 2008, and we are currently the the worst I have seen it for the subscribers. f2p was bad enough with the stipend that was negated with a c-store price increase (as I predicted and stormshade said no we listen and take care of the community.....I told you so ), then PWE has made it a place that I am not proud to say I am a part of.....and I would not refer anyone I liked to this greed stricken mirror universe, where the only loser is the subscriber........ Where is the light at the end of the tunnel or are you going to keep telling me there are 5 lights when I can not find one.....

No more lobi greed they should be at least account bound and should be found in game all the time, what would be even better if you left all the real money stuff in tne c-store where it belongs (as cryptic has said they would) and just charged a reasonable price for it, instead of ludicrous/ laughable pricing.

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