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# 1 Breaking what was working
07-31-2012, 12:31 PM
You keep adding bugs and not fixing them. Look I have been playing since beta and I know that bugs are part of the development. But when you have something working and your next patch breaks it and you don't bother to fix it, then you are just going backwards.
Things that you have broke in patches and not bother to fix
Uniforms ? You can no longer change your Com badge or rank. Also the fleet uniform tops do not function. (sounds like an error in the tops)
Hitting U (bring up your character) When you are on the ground it would bring up your character. When you where in space it would bring up your ship. Now regardless it brings up your character. Trying to repair (on elite) on the fly just got harder. Hit U ohh you not damage (oh wait Im not looking at my ship) Stop fighting and mouse click on ship. (on character menu)
Bridge officers. You use to be able to expand the names from left to right , you know so you can read your BO?s names. After a patch you couldn?t anymore and the names just wrap? ReallY?
Picking your ships ? Same issue as with the BO?s cant see the whole name it wraps and you cannot expand. So if someone has the Odinson - A and the Odinson - B you have to follow the rap around.
These are all things that you had right and you broke it and didn?t bother to fix.
What is the point of having us buy more stuff to use when we cant access it. (Special Com badges etc.)
I am simply talking about things that were working and you patch here or there and that are no longer working.

Jim...A Kirk Student.....What Prime Directive.....WHERE?

And what is with this Ensign Stuff when I was 2 year lifer and have 146 days on one char alone???

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