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Originally Posted by captmack001 View Post
you are not going to play it anyway there are far more fun games on the market then Swtor

free does not mean play if they come out with a decent space combat like sto ill give it another look but apart from that its a dead end

I know someone who gave STO a shot and even had the DDE put to his account. He's a hardcore TOR fan now. I asked him to come back to STO to give it a look and his reply probably is what sums up both camps. He said, "I don't care for space battles." And that's the difference in the two. Ground there is leagues ahead of what STO has but STO outshines TOR in space. I have yet to see someone say TOR has a great space game. Not even the game's defenders.

But like my friend puts it, if you like space then TOR isn't for you. If you like ground, STO isn't for you. If you like both then play both.

EDIT: And when I said the ground in STO, that means what Cryptic did. NOT THE FOUNDRY. Because the Foundry actually has better content than what Cryptic did.

"There is no problem in the universe that can't be solved with a bribe, a paid assassin, or an overpowered fighter." - Chubain from Jumpgate Evolution

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