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07-31-2012, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by commadorebob View Post
I tried that. But the ship would just sit around and do nothing while consuming all of my resources...
The smile face that is displayed in the footer of wordpress blogs when you use their stats program is named after her.

For the very same reason.

edit: Can't believe I found the original thread. Searching over there is worse than here.
Took 20 minutes to get that screencap and her arm is still doing through the armrest
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07-31-2012, 04:19 PM
I named mine in pure humor just as displayed in my signature

USS GornIn60Seconds

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07-31-2012, 04:32 PM
Named my Tac's ships after figures / places from Irish history, including the legendary figure of Cu Chulainn (3 of those), and the 11th century High King Brian Boru. I couldn't think of a good one off the top of my head for my Armitage, (I don't think USS Niall of the Nine Hostages would look very good) so I called it the USS Emerald.

I started named my Sci's ships after scientists from the Half Life game, but I got bored of that when I reached T5, so I called my ship the USS Porunga because I'd been watching a lot of the abridged series of Dragonball Z at the time.
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07-31-2012, 04:32 PM
I generally keep a variety of serious and silly names on my ships.

Fed Tac: U.S.S. The Voice - Armitage class Escort
Fed Engineer: U.S.S. Mirror Image - Excelsior class Retrofit
Fed Science: U.S.S. Dave's Not Here - Recon Science Vessel
KDF Tac: I.K.S. Odyssey Killer - Bortasqu' Tactical Cruiser
KDF Engineer: I.K.S. Pretty Princess - Bortasqu' War Cruiser
KDF Science: I.K.S. Great Waffle - Vo'Quv Carrier

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# 15
07-31-2012, 04:41 PM
A bit of a mix for me, but they all have a purpose

USS Adventura was my first ship because that was why I started.

USS Burley Griffin is the name of a lake in my home city, named after the designer of the City.

USS Southern Cross, a constellation appearing on the Australian flag

USS Brindabella, A mountain range in Australia.

USS Labradoodle, a popular dog breed in Australia (Labrador / Poodle). My wife wants one.
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07-31-2012, 04:49 PM

U.S.S. Berlin - Light Cruiser - after the City i was Born and still living

U.S.S. Berlin-I -Light Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-II - Cruiser Refit
U.S.S. Berlin-III - Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
missing Enterprise-C
U.S.S. Berlin-V - Dreadnought Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VI - Assault Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VII-OC - Odyssey Operations Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VII-SC - Odyssey Science Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VII-TC - Odyssey Tactical Cruiser
U.S.S. Enterprice - Caitian Atrox Carrier after the Starship with s and not c and the US Aircraft Carrier
U.S.S. Ezri - Yellowstone Runabout ... after the new Dax
U.S.S. Jadzia - NCC-92940 - Danube Runabout after the older Dax and why this NCC... you can find out yourself
U.S.S. Janeway - Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit - after Cpt. Janeway and Voyager TV Show
U.S.S. Kira - Peregrine Fighter
U.S.S. Kirk - Class F Shuttle
U.S.S. Mirror-1 - Mirror Assault Cruiser
U.S.S. Mirror-2 - Mirror Star Cruiser
U.S.S. Nagoya - D'Kyr Science Vessel - dont know why this name maybe have not changed it yet
U.S.S. Paris - Delta Flyer - after Tom Paris and Voyager TV Show
U.S.S. Picard -Type 8 Shuttle
U.S.S. T'Pok - Tal'Kyr Support Craft - after my Sci Cpt.
U.S.S. T-W-Riker - Captain's Yacht - after my Tac. Cpt.
U.S.S. Tholian - Tholian Widow Fighter
U.S.S. Tornado - Stalker Fighter after the German Fighter Plane
U.S.S. Tuffli - Tuffli Class Freighter
U.S.S. Warrior - Light Escort
U.S.S. Warrior-II - Escort Refit
U.S.S. Warrior-III - Heavy Escort Carrier
U.S.S. Warrior-IV - Fleet Patrol Escort
U.S.S. Warrior-V - Tactical Escort Retrofit - because this ship is a Warrior
U.S.S. Warrior-VI - Multi-Vector Advanced Escort


U.S.S. Berlin - Light Cruiser - Mirranda Class

U.S.S. Berlin-I - Light Cruiser - Constitution
U.S.S. Berlin-II - Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-II-R - Cruiser Refit
U.S.S. Berlin-III - Heavy Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-III-RF - Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
U.S.S. Berlin-V - Exploration Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-V-R - Exploration Cruiser Refit
U.S.S. Berlin-V-RF - Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
U.S.S. Berlin-V-X - Dreadnought Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VI - Assault Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VI-M - Mirrorr Star Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VII - Odyssey Tactical Cruiser
U.S.S. Boston - Heavy Cruiser - because not matching in my other Cruiser Line of Enterprises
U.S.S. Dupleix - Yellowstone Runabout - dont changed it after i got it
U.S.S. Enterprice - Caitian Atrox Carrier - same as with T-W-Riker
U.S.S. Jadzia - Danube Runabout
U.S.S. Janeway - Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy - Heavy Escort Carrier - after the US- President and the US. Aircraft Carrier
U.S.S. Kira - Peregrine Fighter - because Kira used Fighters in War with Cardassians
U.S.S. Paris - Delta Flyer - because Tom Paris made the 1. Delta Flyer
U.S.S. W-T-Riker - Captain's Yacht
U.S.S. Warrior - Tactical Escort Retrofit - because this Ship is a Warrior


U.S.S. Berlin - Light Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-I - Cruiser Refit
U.S.S. Berlin-II - Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retofit
U.S.S. Berlin-IV - Exploration Cruiser Refit
U.S.S. Berlin-IV-R - Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
U.S.S. Berlin-IV-X - Dreadnought Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-V - Assault Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-V-M - Mirror Star Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VI - Odyssey Star Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VI-O - Odyssey Operations Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VI-S - Odyssey Science Cruiser
U.S.S. Berlin-VI-T - Odyssey Tactical Cruiser
U.S.S. Chicago - Heavy Cruiser
U.S.S. Darvin - Light Science Vessel - after Charles Darvin and his Evolution!
U.S.S. Darvin-I - Science Vessel Refit
U.S.S. Darvin-II - Research Science Vessel
U.S.S. Darvin-III - Long Range Science Vessel Refit
U.S.S. Darvin-IV - Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit
U.S.S. Darvin-V - Advanced Research Vessel
U.S.S. Darvin-V-R - Advanced Reseach Vessel Retrofit
U.S.S. Darvin-VI - Deep Space Science Vessel
U.S.S. Darvin-VII - Reconnaissance Science Vessel
U.S.S. Enterprice - Caitian Atrox Carrier
U.S.S. Ferrari - Stalker Fighter - fast but not Red like a Ferrari a Dream Car from me
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy - Heavy Escort Carrier
U.S.S. Kanagawa -Yellowstone Runabout - have not changed but after i bought it yet
U.S.S. Kira - Peregrine Fighter
U.S.S. Kirk - Class F Shuttle
U.S.S. Paris - Delta Flyer
U.S.S. Picard - Type 8 Shuttle
U.S.S. T'Pok - D'Kyr Science Vessel - after my Sci Vulkan Cpt.
U.S.S. Tal'Kyr - Tal'Kyr Support Craft
U.S.S. Terry Farrell - NCC-191163 - after you see yourself or ?
U.S.S. W-T-Riker - Captain's Yacht
U.S.S. Warrior - Light Escort
U.S.S. Warrior-I - Escort Refit
U.S.S. Warrior-II - Heavy Escort Refit
U.S.S. Warrior-III - Tactical Escort Refit
U.S.S. Warrior-IV - Tactical Escort Retrofit
U.S.S. Warrior-V - Multi-Vector Advanced Escort
U.S.S. Warrior-VI - Patrol Escort


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07-31-2012, 04:54 PM
U.S.S. Wee Baby Seamus - I'm a big "Archer" fan. Wish I could get his ringtone to play whenever my toon taps her combadge.
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07-31-2012, 04:56 PM
Is there a theme? Well.... sort of....

I'm a dummy so coming up with names for things is always hard. So I have a couple really easy "Themes" that I use when naming ships. The one usually use, is simply name them after ships from Anime I like.

I've had the U.S.S. Arcadia, U.S.S. Soyokaze, U.S.S. Swordbreaker, and U.S.S. Exelion. (If you can name what the last two are from you get a cookie)

There was period of time I named all my ships after the scientific names of flowers too... I've Had a U.S.S. Iridiceae, Oliceae.... (Not sure I spelled those right)

I've also named a few after plays, U.S.S. Phantom, U.S.S. Brigadoon, U.S.S. Pinafore...

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07-31-2012, 04:59 PM
USS Artemis, Odyssey Star Cruiser on my main fed eng, even though it really doesnt turn *that* well, its still a very graceful, beautiful ship.

USS/IKS Otana, tac escort retro on my fed eng, brel bop on my kdf tac. Named after the transport from the X-Wing Alliance game. I love that game and that ship.

USS Marathon, Assault Cruiser on my main fed eng and fed tac, not after the battle but because I love to run, even though if I push it too hard I start to break my legs again. (MVAE got named Triathlon as a joke, Im not much of a swimmer, and I dont use the ship much anyway)

IKS Arachnophobia, Guramba on my KDF tac. I was going to use the class name for starfish, Asteroidea, but it just didnt sound right. Arachnophobia doesnt quite fit either, but "fear of something usually somewhat spiky" was good enough.

IKS Casino Riale, Kar'Fi on the kdf tac, a joke that someone in Qo'noS Zone came up with when I was trying to name the thing (Riale being the character name). There was also "Riale With Cheese" but that would not fit.

USS Starchaser, Recon Sci Vessel. Should be pretty self-explanatory.

USS Arrogance, on my pure threat control fed tank, also should be pretty self-explanatory.


Basically, the names I use are always important in some way or another or mean something, at least to me personally. I rarely ever just slap a name on there (although, atrox ... Hello Kitty ... yeah).
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# 20
07-31-2012, 05:08 PM
I have a variety of themes I've used. But the theme varies by the character.

Melati Kusumu has reptile themed names, her current ship is "Doom Serpent"

Meghan Eridian has ships named after actresses who played characters named Eris. The "Rachel" is named after the voice actress who did Eris in "The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy".

Chuft uses derivatives of "Traitor's Claw" the name of the Kzinti ship in TAS ep "The Slaver Weapon".

Monica Rappaccini uses names related to fictional and real life secret research projects, her current ship is named "Manhattan" after the Manhattan Project(US nuclear research project).

I can haz joystick!
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