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08-01-2012, 02:21 PM
My Hegh's name is just a play on words I.K.S. Tig ol Bitties and
my brel is actually named I.K.S. Colonel Klink and thats an Idea
from a post on the forums that "Klink" is a deragutory form of Klingon which IMO is not.
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08-01-2012, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by dank65 View Post
My Hegh's name is just a play on words I.K.S. Tig ol Bitties and
my brel is actually named I.K.S. Colonel Klink and thats an Idea
from a post on the forums that "Klink" is a deragutory form of Klingon which IMO is not.
LOL I named my light cruiser something amusing awhile back.

Needless to say a week passed and then I logged back in to find my ships name had been changed to BADNAME 3421526

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08-02-2012, 01:46 AM
I started off thinking about the perfect names for my ships. Unless it was of a class that I couldn't stand to fly, such as those dratted fishbowl-shaped Research Science Vessels, I made certain that I wouldn't be embarrassed to show up on some NPC's target lock. (Whenever I see someone fly by with the name U.S.S. Chuck Norrises Pinkie or some other crap, I really wish we could blow our fellow officers out of space. Just sayin'.)

So far, the only one I've been truly happy with is my Intrepid-class, the U.S.S. Fairweather. I wanted something that could evoke the same majesty as the U.S.S. Voyager had with her name, and I personally remain convinced that I got one. And yes, when I get the LRSV Refit, I'll be keeping the name, thank you very much! I even have a quotation picked out for her plaque.

"For it's always fair weather - When good fellows get together- With a stein on the table and a good song ringing clear" -- Richard Hovey, Spring

Yet until I can scrape together the ZEN for it, I'll be piloting the U.S.S. San Gorgonio, the name of my high school from [way too &^%$ing long ago].
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08-02-2012, 04:47 AM
Vulcan Engineer uses nautical-related names:

Runabout: USS Ceto
TOS: USS Fitzgerald
MUAC: USS Ogopogo

T1: [Scrapped]*
T2: USS Charybdis
T3: USS Coleridge
T4: USS Kraken
T5: USS William Bligh

*Deleted in a moment of noobishness, I don't remember the name.
Caitian Tactical uses a Lunar theme:

Runabout: USS Phobos

T1: USS Luna
T2: USS Bendis
T3: USS Phoebe
T4: USS Hecate
T5: USS Coyolxauhqui
Gorn Science, Klingon theme, translations are loose:

Shuttle: IKS ChuSwl' (Rodent)
Hegh'ta: IKS Vem'eg (Annonying Bird)

T2: IKS Hu'tegh (Damn)
T3: IKS Qu'vatlh (Expletive/Overworked)
T4: IKS chonuQ (You're Annoying)
T5: IKS Denlb Qatlh (Denebian slime devil )

Ones in current use are in italics.
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08-02-2012, 05:25 AM
USS Profanity - just wanted to prove that profanity was indeed allowed.
USS Citizen - a fan of the watches
USS Frankenstein - was reading Dean Koontz @ the time
USS Michael Campa - me
USS Hartsdale - town I grew up in
USS Columbia - street I grew up on in Hartsdale
USS Takei - Excelsior class named after Mr "Oh my" himself
USS Happy Birthday - promoted on my bday
USS Merry Christmas - promoted on Christmas
USS Domo Arigato - Captained by Mr. Roboto - liberated Borg
USS Blackhole Swan - 1/2 a Joe Satriani album
USS Worm hole Wizard - other half of Satch album
USS Chlamydia - captains yacht
USS Angry Bird - after the iconic game
USS Pale Horse - The rider was death and Hell followed behind him.

There are more. Can't seem to recall the rest at the moment.
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08-02-2012, 06:12 AM
I name mine after actual warships for the most part. I have also taken a few from the old starfleet tech manual.

VA Shakara Fortal (andorian)

USS Hotspur NCC - 92772 (excelsior)

VA Yahta D'Ian (Orion ex-patriot)

USS Salem NCC - 91692 (MVAM, 1692 was the year of the witch trials)

Captain Marla Oxmyx ( Iotian )

USS Tamerlaine (from tech manual. She just promoted to captain havent figured what her ship name will be.)
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08-02-2012, 07:30 AM
My current captain flies around in the U.S.S Haricot.
I use random words I see in my dictionary (I'm Dutch)
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08-02-2012, 07:51 AM
Oh lord, I've got so too many ships on too many characters to list them all, here are the highlights:

USS Cosmos NCC-101864-A: Odyssey Ops, same name as the first ship I got on reaching Lieutenant with a play on the Reliant's registry

USS Wintermute NX-4410102: Armitage, named for the AI from Neuromancer and using part of the book's ISBN number for a registry. I'm such a nerd...

USS Kuiper NCC-92000-A: Nebula, again using a name from a previous ship

USS Pioneer/USS Mariner: Intrepids, thought it would be fitting to use the names of other probe series

USS Stalingrad: Defiant, named for the battle

USS S'harien: Prometheus, what better name for an escort captained by a Vulcan than a Vulcan swordsmith?

USS Caliburn: Sovereign

USS Selene: Luna, Greek goddess of the moon

IKS Comicron One: Phalanx, named for laughs

IKS Helexith: Qin raptor, anyone who's a member of Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums should get this, anyone else should consider it advertisement
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08-02-2012, 07:57 AM
U.S.S. CHAINFIRE (from the Titled book Chainfire from Terry Goodkind)


here it is exploding hehe

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08-02-2012, 08:02 AM
U.S.S. My Lolaron'PWNy.

Combination of a sweet little pony appearance with Polaron weaponary not necessarily the best weapons do to the job with but still pwning and raping the enemy in PvP :p


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