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08-02-2012, 08:21 AM
Heres my mines feedback.

Transphasics seem utterly nuts. I really like the idea of the buff you are giving it but when you can use a dispersal pattern and debuff a whole team or atleast multiple people it becomes inherently better than most any player controlled ability/debuff.

Chrons have rarely bothered me in the past, but the idea of flying into a chron clump of mines and getting completely slowed seems bad.
Its important to remember that things in pvp will be taken to there utmost extremes if you let them. Yes this means a whole team will run chron mines and possibly a dispersal pattern just so they completely demolish the opposing team.

Mines and kinetic damage in general needs to be more threatening. Right now things like BO3 or super cannon spam is usually better at hull killing than kinetic which is how it shouldn't be. It isn't that the energy options are too good, but that kinetic is just so clunky and slow in comparison.

While these changes certainly make transphasics and chrons more threatening the rest that are pure damage are all more or less still laughable. In general I'd just say up there damage to shields, as it stands taking any sort of torpedo or mines to your shields is shrug worthy when in reality any sort of burst attack to any part of your shield/ships should be a big threat.

I'd also really like if you considered giving mines bonus damage against fighters/small ships. Much like how the PDS console does bonus damage to small ships having mines have a real purpose of countering spam would be wonderful and make sense.
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08-02-2012, 08:36 AM
The problem with torpedoes in game are a general problem with torpedoes in Trek.
In TOS, especially at the start, photon torpedoes where really powerful weapons, fast traveling, heavy hitting. Plus they looked awesome. Then with the movies the trend started to make them more and more just a light show, traveling slower and slower and doing barely enough damage to crush a building. See Voyager. While given their stated yield, it would blow up an entire city in one shot.

Make torpedoes travel faster, i can outrun my own quantums in my vor'cha. I should not be able to. Granted its somewhat cool to evasive at the poor target, fire up everything you get and while you pass the target your torpedo barrage flies in after you against the downed shield side.

Weapon fire in general should be faster moving, but especially torpedoes.

As for mines,

Really no one needs them, they where used in like 2 episodes of all Trek. Taht doesn't makes them deserving of been a main weapon class in themselves.

What i could see is giving torpedoes the ability to be fired at an area and go dormant there, creating basically a mine but a mine with an engine that goes then to fly at the target when its enters it engagement range.

I think that would have the following benefits,

Reduced balancing need because you would lose the entire mine weapons. More functionality for the player, one system can be used for torpedoes and laying mines.
You can keep the dispersal pattern skills, but when a torpedo launcher is used with it, it shots out the going dormant torpedoes instead.
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08-02-2012, 08:45 AM
Originally Posted by shelev View Post
Heres my mines feedback.
While these changes certainly make transphasics and chrons more threatening the rest
The proposed transphasic stats have already been cancled.

Even the original notes where new chronitons were given a 100% proc chance, would have been a 40% nerf to chrons. The ones you have now will accumulate procs faster when used in numbers of 4 or more. Besides, there was a typo, the right number is 80% chance.

The way chrons are on Live now : 100 mines will give 33 full procs.
The way chrons are on tribble now: 100 mines will give 80 quarter procs = 20 full procs, AND there is a 20% reduction in droprate, reducing the number of full procs to 16.

Now a nerf from 33 to 16 is considerable! Chroniton efficiency down by 52%.

What we WILL see, is MORE partial procs, and FEWER full procs and multiple procs.

The big question is: How will a partial proc be felt? And how will it be felt if you have resistance against it?

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