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The majority of this thread seems to be boiling down to , i want this , everyone elses suggestions are wrong
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Mentioned the original notion to some of my guys in the Fleet (1701 Renegade Tactical Squadron, if you'll pardon the shameless plug!)and got positive responses. And, now I'll only mention this once: NO ONE went on a tear about "Oh this couldn't work because of ___" or "This kind of ship already does that!" Or whatever the hell!

My mates did poke light fun at my love for the Intrepid Retro. Said it only had 3 Fore & Aft, but it's pretty. And is weak on Tactical, but it's pretty. LOL. They don't say that much when we're actually in an STF or Fleet event When she's all Beam Target Subsystems, Tractor's, Viral Matrix & Torp spreads locking down aggresives and shooting off heals. It's not a great mix yet, but its getting there.

I like the Intrepid for the Cmdr & Lt. Cmdr Sci and well it is cool looking! Pretty isn't the word I'd use! LOL! And well that brings me to an actual point. I hate giving real world money to PWE, but I like some of the things these so-called "pay to win" ships offer. But for me it usually ends up being "pay to drive yourself nuts obsessing over finding a build that does decent damage, doesn't get blown all to hell every three minutes and more importantly doesn't clash with preferred style of play or warm fuzzies regarding the franchise in general. You name it I've owned it, flown it or know someone personally who has. But again I digress.

I'm not experienced playing a Tactical Captain, yet. Probably going to have to roll up one or two sooner or later. But I know enough to know I don't know enough, ok. That's why I liked my Oddy's & D'kora and some of the KDF ships (and the Tholian's but I haven't had the pleasure to own one personally.) I liked them because they all seem to have that "and a" factor with a Lt Cmdr Tac and a Lt Tac, or Engy. Or the one's that have a Universal Station in whatever flavor. There IS always some compromise. I could go look at Wiki & DEv Blogs to quote specifics , but It's too damn late in the evening. Either you get where I'm going with this or you don't. You can hit a wood screw with a hammer all day but that wont make it a nail

Take a deep breath, step back a bit and get back to basics. Brainstorming in broad strokes usually works best at first, especially if the committee's getting bogged down on specifics...

It's function seems straight forward and already agreed upon for the most part. A great big hulking beast meant to scare the bejeebers out of anyone in it's path before it ever gets in range to fire the first shot. Without going back and rehashing the how's & what-if's I'd say funtion is solid. What about form? True design brainstorming.

Nacelles? Two, Four, or None? (Personally never been a fan of the Three Nacelle's on the Gal-X. Looked bad-ass for that one shining moment in All Good Things, but I really didn't "buy-it" Too Asymetrical and Tacked On.

Propulsion? Massive multiple redundant 25th century warp cores or something more exotic? Either option would make sense with the massive power drain of the broadside weaponry. Two things I'm thinking need more thought along those lines. Massive redundant cores would make one hell of a boom when the ship goes down. Exotic tech though would be something of a spoiler as to where the designs were initially taken from regardless of which faction actually brought them to fruition; Fed, KDF or non-aligned "other". Stick a pin in that for now.

Finally the singal most important part of the puzzle, regardless of of how it actually functions in-game the broadside volleys just have to be something "It's coming about again, charging weapons... Oh crap, RUN AWAY" This IS the Magic Castle or Spaceship Earth of our traveling theme park of carnage. Regardless of what actual in-game mechanic actually is used so think BIG!

Here I'm personally thinking less of a swivel or gimbals arrangement or side-mounted cannons. More like a series of gun portals that glow menacingly and maybe buzz with arcing energy the moment it stops advancing forward and starts to target everything withing range... For sake of argument lets just say anything within 15 K, damage of course lessened for anything outside of the 10 k kill box. Then again I could see random crits on anything just outside the 15 k mark. Otherwise the all too mentioned quick and agile would really pose too much of a threat negating the whole shock-and-awe effect!

Here's the thing though with the over the top visuals fx... BOTH sides are glowing and buzzing with the promise of a quick and fiery messy death which one should the attackers focus fire on? Better make up your minds quick! The only one who really knows is the behemoth's captain and allies and until he pushes that button to commit there's still the problem of conventional weapons fore & aft and the rest of his team and/or close support craft/carrier pets. Yeah, I'm thinking along those lines too, maybe one or two hangars, no more. Possibly limited, slightly nerfed. Or maybe the ability to use special point-defense turrets that can only fire just before and just after the broadsides.

At the risk of sounding like a lunatic with a vision I'd like to invite this discussion and it's very brilliant and knowledgeable minds further down the path of madness beyond the realm of what's already been done in-game. Stop worrying about what color the officers' seat cushions should be dammit and think outside the box!

Think of the messiest, scariest most jaw-dropping deep-space slug-fest throw-down you've ever seen in any game, movie book or TV series and give it a name. Then amp it up a few notches.

It's the 25th Century and all the old familiar baddies are sitting down to the same table ready to carve big hunks out of our galaxy. The Oddy's & Borts and each faction's carriers or retrofits are not the latest & greatest anymore and they simply aren't going to stop the big bad's at the door or send them packing, at least not in a cost-effective way same with the new stuff from our own fleet shipyards.

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08-07-2012, 08:01 AM
Star Trek Online really needs a shadow ship, or vorlon attack cruiser.

Hell, lets just change the name of the game to 'Space Adventures Online'. because we're getting sooooo far from what is canon and what isn't.

Typhoon class? never heard of it, is that canon or yet another fan boy community botch job that is raping this IP?

Starfleet did build massive ships which were called battleships for the war with the Concordium, but they stopped making these due to the massive cost involved.

Sov is the nearest thing Feds have to a battleship - see first contact.
or the Galaxy - see different time line.

I play this game because it's Star Trek, like alot of others.

We've already got silly pets running around starbases after certain Captains, we've got cross faction ships being used for starfleet missions. Federation officer flying about in a cardassian crusier completeing missions for the federation... Yeah as if that would ever happen.

Please PWE/Cryptic, try to keep as near as canon as you can. If you don't care about ships being canon in the game, please can i get a massive shadow crab cruiser ship
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Originally Posted by onlineangel View Post
Typhoon class? never heard of it, is that canon or yet another fan boy community botch job that is raping this IP?
Let me guess... you've never played a Klingon in the game and so never encountered a Typhoon Class?
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Originally Posted by oldjerseydevil View Post
Nacelles? Two, Four, or None? (Personally never been a fan of the Three Nacelle's on the Gal-X. Looked bad-ass for that one shining moment in All Good Things, but I really didn't "buy-it" Too Asymetrical and Tacked On.
1) The only Star Fleet dreadnought is only semi-official by way of the TOS Star Fleet Technical Manual and a very blurry image in one of the TOS movies, but it had 3 nacelles.

2) How can a dorsal nacelle make a ship asymmetrical? As for looking 'tacked on,' almost all Star Fleet nacelles are attached to the hull by pylons. Thus they all look 'tacked on.' The TOS connie is deliberately that way.

One, two, four has never made much sense to me in terms of ship design, especially when the first vessel we know of with four nacelles is the Stargazer, which is lower displacement than the two nacelle'd Galaxy.
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08-07-2012, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by kimmera View Post
2) How can a dorsal nacelle make a ship asymmetrical?
I could see the ship appear asymmetrical from an off-center point of view. But yeah, technically not.
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Originally Posted by kimmera View Post
2) You cannot train Boffs for someone else regardless. You have to assign them to a ship to train them, at which point they become bound and can be dismissed but cannot be moved back to the trading pool
LOL, yes, you can. You honestly have had no idea that you can trade boffs, have other people train them in LTC and CDR abilities, and then trade them back...?
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Originally Posted by uxvorastrix View Post
Sorry, but (to the original poster) that's not a battleship.

A battleship is huge, slow, turns like a brick, has weapon energy to spare, and can take a pounding from multiple enemy ships and still survive.

It should be heavy on engineer consoles, followed by a few tac, and even fewer sci.

It should have a huge crew (2-3 thousand), and is built for one purpose. To be an anchor for a fleet of smaller ships, and serve as the command vessel for the entire fleet.

I agree with giving it inate armor, and allow it to have single cannons (no dual cannons). It should be the slowest ship, with the worst turn radius, but have the most weapons and available power.
Yup, and like every other ST:O battleship completely unprotected sides. Cannons tho powerful leave a battleship completely defenseless to a side attack, where a traditional battleship is most powerful.
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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Let me guess... you've never played a Klingon in the game and so never encountered a Typhoon Class?
Perhaps but what he said still holds: Yet another fan boy community botch job that is raping this IP.
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Originally Posted by bloctoad View Post
Perhaps but what he said still holds: Yet another fan boy community botch job that is raping this IP.
I'm old enough to remember how the BBSes lit-up after the premiere of TNG in '87 so people could complain about how much the show was raping the IP because there was a Klingon in Starfleet - the Klingons who had just killed Kirk's son a few years earlier in the Search for Spock.

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