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08-20-2012, 04:29 PM
Just want to clarify something- the account bound items:

Does it apply to items purchased with EDC's and borg tech ?

Example: I'm re-equipping my ship with new shields/engines/deflector (borg engine, omega shields/deflector). My old stuff (KHG mk XI set) being pre-patch will be bound to toon, but will the new equipment be available to my other toons ?
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08-21-2012, 05:43 AM
So what is the status on fixing the broken Fleet's Events Calendar?

I've posted a list of screenshots showing the bugs I've found on Tribble. No mention of any update to the Events Calendar after that.
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08-21-2012, 05:56 AM
Originally Posted by seraphantilles View Post
Thanks for the explanation. I do have one suggestion, sorry if this was addressed elsewhere.

Might you please make the Fleet Operation Assets not be "Bind on Pickup"?

My fleet is huge. We have been forced to ration out our provisions among the 450 members, since despite our size we can't earn provisions any faster than a small fleet. So each member gets to pick 1 ship or 2 other things. Nobody is going to pick 2 operational assets over 2 Ultra-Rare Mk II weapons.

It would be nice if the operational assets were handled differently than the rest of the items you can buy in the starbase, due to their consumable nature and their limited applicability in gameplay relative to ships and weapons, etc.

Further long-winded thinking behind this:
Our fleet has a division who is supposed to manage the Fleet's bank and supplies, and craft items for players ("Logistics and Supplies" division, with the bank being managed by "Quartermasters" and the fleet command members). For the first couple years of STO, our L&S Division used to farm samples & particle traces, keeping the bank stocked at all times, crafting items for players etc.

However, Cryptic made the crafting system all but irrelevant by requiring dilithium. (I understand F2P meant some things had to change.) So our crafters have had their hands tied ever since then, because most players are on their 3rd or 4th toon now, and don't really need things to be crafted for them -- and the MK XI craftable gear costs way too much dilithium to really be worth the extra hassle. You can't even sell any of it for a profit on the exchange anymore.

I was hoping the new starbase system would revive crafting in some way, what with all the special projects and missions to farm the things needed to complete them. However, since all of the items you can "craft" through the starbase system are all bind-on-pickup, Season 6 does nothing to enhance the role of a "Quartermaster" who manages the Fleet Bank and crafting within the fleet.

Why even have a fleet bank anymore, if you can't use it to even store fleet consumables crafted by the fleet through the fleet's own starbase? It ends up mainly just being a junk depository for unwanted items, rather than someplace that you put important things that people actually want to use and need to use. It's mostly full of unwanted lockbox rewards and particle traces gathering dust.

I mean ideally you would just have "Bound to Fleet" on the operational assets, so they couldn't be transferred to a different fleet. Maybe that's something to look into?

Either way, operational assets (consumables) should not be bound to the character if they are going to require provisions to be purchased, because wouldn't it be nice if our fleet's Logistics & Supplies division could actually do its job and essentially "craft" items for the fleet via the fleet mark missions and starbase projects, and then put those items into the fleet bank where they could be withdrawn later by any fleet member whose rank has access to that tab, at the time when they need to use it, even if they don't have full-time access to buy ships and weapons?

THIS and once done allow us to buy more bank repositories, even if for Dilithium, it's always full and not enough catagories.

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