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Originally Posted by capnmanx View Post
The Romulan Star Empire in STO is not the same Star Empire that the Federation had the treaty with. It is a successor state. Whether or not the treaty would still apply is something lawyers could probably argue about for centuries.
Not really the current President of the Federation re-signed the Treaty of Algernon, and stated that the Federation has no interest in developing cloaking devices. The Treaty of Algernon is between the Federation, the Romulans, the Klingons and I think another party. The Romulans may not be the same Romulans we knew but they are still a significant threat.

Originally Posted by kovabomb View Post
I think there is one Fleet Ship that players would be tripping over themselves to purchase, if they added it into the game: The TOS Constitution Cruiser. As a c-store ship it's great for a lower level players, but it quickly becomes obsolete. I know because I bought one. It served well until I outgrew it, and even then it's retro-fit phasers were carried over onto every other ship I flew.

If they were to create a fleet version of the TOS Constitution (complete with high tier weapon slots, console slots, and power levels), I'd think it would be a huge success.

CBS A.K.A. the owners of the Star Trek License have said no to the T5 Connie. Any hearsay or desire for a T5 Constitution, Miranda etc is irrelevant.
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There needs to be a wider spread of T5 ships overall both Fed and KDF imho. I don't just mean each one has more weapons or more hull, I mean each one is different.

If we have a dozen potential and viable options at tier 5 that is great, 5 is a bit meh. I am influenced by eve online and things like star citizen but then they are the games competitors so worth looking at.

We need more options! , whether that is more factions or more ships. I hope both, but mostly I hope that each ship is balanced, yet unique and worth buying, a true challenge!
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12-28-2012, 10:32 AM
still no need for necro posting...look at the date...august!

also the whole thread is moot, since it is clear that cryptic will continue to add ships to the existing list.
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When they first came out with these fleet ships in the springish-summerish months I stood on the top of my High horse named Soap Box and yelled at the top of my lungs THESE FLEET SHIPS ARE A JOKE! A bad one but a joke non the less and I cannot believe how much flak and backlash I got for it. I was trying my best to explain how this is by far a well known gimmick to wing a slightly cleaner carrot in the face of the hungry masses. 10%? 20-25 dollars for 10%? Might aswell buy a better ship for those prices and get a console, players literally hammered and blocked me and now 6 months later the same thing I said when they came out is the sam ting that people are saying now.

It's like when Omega came abou ad I said hmm you know what, that Maco sheild with it's wake ability will be the perfect sheild for the borg set. It's proc flicker will set off the borgs regen ability at an alarming rate, same thing, same outcome and now a few months later before the new rep system tore it to shreds al of a sudden the borg set with the maco was a staple, lol i'm like walking aaround all scarred up and black and blue and like wtf

But that's how life goes some people see things for what they are and some people like to see the brighter side of it. All the glitters ladies and gentlemen, all that glitters....

but perhaps next time when they release something we will actually discuss the pros and cons before we spend our money on fools gold.

Here let me just say this before i go and get my armor and sheild, but I have said it many times I will say it again the breen ship, a free ship, is going to change the face of of the game for weeks to come until they nerf it to happy hell. IT will be second on the list behind the Bug. That is all.... please not the face, that's my bread and butter.

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