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10-19-2012, 04:19 PM
Many of my ships are named after grandkids... all of my TOS Connies are named Intrepid with one exception. That's because back when I was an avid scale modeler all of my TOS Connie models were Intrepids. I love the name and the history of the that ship's name... especially the WWII carrier. The one exception was one I built for my wife... the USS Paladin. And, indeed, one of my characters has a TOS Connie called USS Paladin. It's the ship he uses for the Tour the Galaxy as it has been fitted with Borg engine.

Another character, patterned after my late father, has ships all named after WWII fighters and bombers including the USS Mustang, the USS Bearcat, the USS Flying Fortress and the USS Superfortress (both the fortresses were Excelsior's heheheh).

One Klingon character has a ship called the IKS Q'uv Bat'Leth. It means Honor Blade.

And I once leveled and retired a character based on John Wayne's movie character, Rockwell Torrey, whose ships were all named after John Wayne movies and facts from his life... such as the USS Alamo, the USS Arizona and the USS Searcher. All of his BO's were based on John Wayne movie character as well...
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10-19-2012, 04:38 PM
U.S.S. GUNSLINGER-Defiant class.The first book in the dark tower series,my favorite character in the series.Also, I'm a western movie buff.

U.S.S.OUTLAW-Armitage class.Keeping with the western theme.

U.S.S.ENFORCER-Tac Oddy .Alaska State police wildlife division's patrol cruiser(ship)

U.S.S.BLACKHAWK-Miranda class.First ship I got in the game.Named after a great 44.Magnum.

I have others,but these stand out to me the most.
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10-19-2012, 04:41 PM
When thinking about selecting a name for my Odyssey-class starship I eventually settled on the name U.S.S. Entreprenante. My brother ended up naming his Odyssey the U.S.S. Temeraire. We envisioned them as being sister ships.
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As a history fan specialising in the Age of Sail, it was a fairly obvious choice to name my primary ship the USS Trafalgar. My main character has used this name for every ship from his Constitution class, all the way up to his Excelsior Retrofit, USS Trafalgar (NCC-211005-D, cookie if you get it ).

My main character's Danube class runabout is named the USS Joseph Porter after the character of the Lord High Admiral from Gilbert and Sullivan's 'HMS Pinafore', which I had been rehearsing when I commissioned the ship. He also has the Type 8 Shuttlecraft, USS Portsmouth, named for one of the Royal Navy's primary bases of operations.

My main character's Mirror Universe alt version flies a Terran Empire Assault Cruiser called the ISS Crassus, after the Roman General who crushed the slave revolt of Spartacus. It seemed appropriately Terran.

My secondary character is a Romulan exile, who flies an experimental Defiant class, the USS Khellian, the Romulan word for 'Hunter'. His ship is outfitted with Romulan disruptor and plasma weapons, as well as a cloaking device, all salvaged from his colony world after it was attacked by the Imperial Romulan Fleet for trying to negotiate with the Federation for emergency resources and diplomatic recognition.

His shuttlecraft is the USS Kaleh, which is Romulan for 'Dagger'.

This character is why I don't play my Romulan any more. Tovan Khev is NOT my BFF! Get him off my bridge!

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10-20-2012, 03:07 AM
My Ship name is the USS Fermions (Tactical Odyssey) , after the subatomic particles, that are not bosons, like quarks. Also got the USS Baryon (Chimera class) which are protons and nuetrons. I have the USS Gauge Boson , which surprise , surpise is a boson
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Grouchy Gracie will Pwn Klingons Night and Day! lol,
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10-20-2012, 02:42 PM
My ships all have Klingon names, and eventhough it looses something in the translation...they all have some or less relation to birds!
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Most of my ships share names with various mecha from Gundam and SRW, usually matched by a common trait or observation. For example:

My main's Defiant + Chimera are named Gespenst and Ryukooh, respectively. The cloak of the defiant mathes it to the name of ghost, while the transformation the Chimera goes under gives it the fit to Ryukooh.

Another good match is my eng captain's Oddyssey, named Alteisen Riese. Just felt right for the largest fed ship to be named 'giant'

The rest are usually funnies, like my main's Oddy, the U.S.S. Bells'n'Whistles
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Let's see... of the ships I currently "rotate" between...

U.S.S. Courageous - Tac Odyssey. Named after my favorite toy when growing up.

U.S.S. Scattershot - Armitage class. Named after Scattershot, an Autobot whose battle tactics mainly included spraying weapons fire everywhere. It was a fitting name for a ship that uses Scatter Volley, Torp Spread, and the glorious TORPEDO JUSTICE photon console.

U.S.S. Solitude - Science Odyssey. It's my Purple Polaron Death toy - it has my JH set on it, and six phased polaron arrays. Name is a Skyrim reference, for no particular reason besides that I have a tough time coming up with original ship names.

U.S.S. Santangelo - Chimera-class. Veronica is my favorite follower in Fallout: New Vegas. One second she's funny and thoughtgul when you're speaking to her; the next minute she's punching Raiders in the face with her Power Fist.
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10-20-2012, 10:22 PM
S.S. Normandy (Tuffli)- Named due to being earned for and mostly used by the 21st Cerberus Fleet...and because Mass Effect is so awesome lol. I have been using this almost exclusively for the past 3 days.

U.S.S. Rapax (Caitian Atrox Carrier) - Latin for Predator....due to my liking of the Predator race from AvP.

U.S.S. Furtim (stalker fighter) - Latin for Stealth...due to its inate ability to get close to a target....and unloaded a Tricobalt and Thoron pulse into an unsuspecting NPC hahaha.

U.S.S. Avatar (Advanced Escort) - I love the movie....and all the awesome Fanfics, like No One Gets Left Behind.

U.S.S. Kyuubi (Heavy Escort Carrier) - Kurama rules, preferably a Fem Version.

U.S.S. Maelstrom (Tactical Escort) - just because it sounded cool lol.

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