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01-21-2013, 11:35 AM
USS Enrico Fermi. Because I'm Italian-American and he was a great Italian scientist.
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Khas has commanded the following starships:

USS Xeno: Named for the philosopher and his horrible paradox. Poor turtles...

USS Bride of Quiet: Named for a Decemberists lyric. It is an escort and war is the bride of quiet and the bride of all unquiet things.

USS Winterborn: Named for a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate.

ISS Shimmering: Has Reman covariant shields installed and shoots purple beams. Shimmering seemed an appropriate descriptor.

There is, finally, a Wells-class ship that I've not given a permanent name to. I'm thinking of calling it the Ann Veronica or the Undying Fire after some of Well's other works.
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01-21-2013, 03:29 PM
U.S.S. Black Pearl
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I've generally named my ships after bands on the Fed side, and one after a singer.

USS Opeth, Dickinson (as in Bruce as in Iron Maiden), Triptykon, Celtic Frost. Using the Celtic Frost, assault cruiser. Working towards an Odyssey pack. I plan to name the three the Tony Iommi, the Geezer Butler, and the Bill Ward. But I might just name the one I use the most the Black Sabbath and go with that.

My Hegh'ta Bird of Prey is called the IKS MaqMIgh Taj. I based it off of searches from this: http://klingonska.org/dict/

Taj is a dagger, MaqMigh sort of translates as "bad omen". So I think my ship name means "dagger of ill omen" or something. Kind of like a Klingon Sword of Damocles.

It sounded cool to me.

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Ooh boy, ship names! Here we go!

My primary FED character

USS Challenger, NCC-71099 (Galaxy-class Expl. Cruiser Retrofit/Dreadnought)
- the ship from VOY: "Timeless", except LaForge retired or something. The Challenger is heavily modified and can have Dreadnought components attached/detached at will.

USS Andromeda Ascendant, NCC-160982 (Eng Vesta-class MME)
- named after an alternate universe starship. (see Andromeda, the show)

USS Hera, NX-210395 (MVAM Prometheus)
- named after the character in Battlestar Galactica, who was the new hope for humanity's continued existence.

USS Appalachia, NCC-205xxx (Steamrunner-class Blockade Runner Retrofit)
- For lack of a better name, I used the one from DS9.

USS Sovereign, NX-73811 (Sovereign-class Assault Cruiser)
- I'd like to think that the crew of the Dauntless continued their journeys in STO.

ISS Imperius (Mirror Achilles-class Assault Cruiser)
- Mirror version of the Achilles-class starship USS Imperius.

Columbia, NX-02 (NX class)
- The one from ENT. Used as a training ship.

USS Heyes (Intrepid LRSV)
- Random name generator.

USS Relativity (Akira Heavy Escort)
- The "-B" of the ship seen in VOY: "Relativity". No temporal capabilities whatsoever.

USS Solstice (Nova Science Vessel)
- Name taken from ST: Legacy's ship names for the Nova class. It's a nice name.

USS Ticonderoga (Defiant-class Tac Escort Refit)
-Random name generator.

Secondary Character: Nushid (KDF)

IKS Hegh daq jaghpu' (Guramba Siege Destroyer)
- Klingon for... something along the lines of "Death to the enemies [of the Empire]".

IKS Navt'Vu (Negh'Var Battle Cruiser)
- Random name generator, and it starts with the same letter as my character (literary tool)

I also have a Mirror Vor'cha, but I can't remember its name.

Tertiary Character: Charlott [FED]

USS Magellan, NCC-272067 (Galaxy Dreadnought)
- Also named after an actual Starfleet Galaxy-class ship, heavily refitted.

USS Pulsar (registry classified) (Sci Vesta-class MME)
- A seemingly innocent name for a deadly ship. Quite possibly a great name for a science vessel.

USS Poseidon (Luna-class RSV)
- Named after the ancient god.

Quad-ary Character: Emergency Command Hologram 668 [FED]
USS Avenger, NX-09 (NX class)
- named after the mirror ship in ENT episodes.

USS Hakata (Saber-class Escort)
-Randome name generator

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The first ship I wrote about was the USS Endeavour (name mentioned on the subspace chatter at the beginning of First Contact) which I always envisage as a Sovereign-Class.

Following the STO timeline jump, the new ship I write about is the USS Valkyrie, named for the plot to kill Hitler. I've come to appreciate the functionality and utility of the Nova-Class, and if given the choice between the two ships, I would opt for the Nova-Class
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I have several ships. Here's the history behind them all...

Main (science)--Berat, Cardassian exchange officer, dual-commissioned as a gul and a Starfleet captain

U.S.S. Sherouk (RSV): With the blessing of Starfleet, named for his former (and since decommissioned) command in the Cardassian Defense Force. Also happens to be a place located somewhere in the Middle East, but that was not the intention when I came up with the name. This same name will carry over if/when I get a Fleet RSV. This is the ship that, for all its quirks, I am the most used to fighting with out of any ship, any toon.

C.D.S. Tekeny Ghemor (Galor): In-game it obviously has a Federation registry, but I always imagine it as Berat's current command in the Cardassian Guard, when he gets the opportunity to return the favor Starfleet did for him, and host a number of Starfleet officers (the BOFFs ) as exchange officers aboard a Cardassian vessel. Named for Legate Tekeny Ghemor, seen in "Second Skin" and "Ties of Blood and Water."

U.S.S. Zerayd (Peregrine): Named for a Cardassian bird of prey (in my fics).

U.S.S. Shalok (Danube): I made up the name of a river on Cardassia for that.

Secondary (Engineering) Rraeit Nirria, Caitian.

U.S.S. Le-Matya (Vesta): I wanted something "cat-themed," but I also felt that Starfleet even on the show has a dearth of alien ship names in spite of the diversity Starfleet claims to have and the appreciation of its member worlds. So I named the ship after a Vulcan felinoid.

U.S.S. Dawn (Mirror Assault Cruiser): Repainted and rechristened as a Starfleet vessel. The name of the Dawn was actually the game's suggestion--and it fit, because I was looking for something redemption-themed!

U.S.S. Serval (think this one is a Peregrine fighter): I decided to break with the bird-of-prey theme for the Peregrines, and choose a smaller felinoid for this one.

U.S.S. Tallahatchie (Danube): Named for a river in Alabama.

Tertiary (science)--Alexei (Alyosha) Ivanovich Strannik, Devidian found on Earth and raised (sort of) human. Appears in human form.

U.S.S. Chin'toka (Ushaan-class): Named for a significant Dominion War battle. I'm flying Alyosha in escorts though when I hit endgame I may also give him a Vesta. I'm undecided on whether I will roll the Chin'toka name over to the Vesta or not. He may well keep the name given that he graduated right into the Dominion War and he lost a lot of his graduating class in battle. (Yes, Alyosha cares about his crew and classmates, and no, they are NOT the MRE's. He has a device that supplies him with artificial neural energy he's able to live off of.)

It'll depend on whether I give up Alyosha's last escort after I start playing him on the Vesta.

His small craft (and the Vesta, if I don't carry over the name Chin'toka) will probably get a more "personal" name whenever he gets one...I can see a location in Russia, or a place considered sacred to the Orthodox Church, inspiring that ship's name.

Last character (tactical--KDF)--Jesror Krantak, Nausicaan

I.K.S. Fugh'li: I don't like the KDF. I have this character solely to farm dilithium. Hence I didn't even bother with "real" Klingon, and without further comment, let's just say the name should make my opinion perfectly clear.

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Originally Posted by bugspatteredjack View Post
U.S.S. POS - a crappy shuttle craft that I had to use for a mission. The name speaks for itself.
LOL! I didn't have the nerve to name it in the game that way but I was definitely thinking of that name for Alyosha's first ship--that awful Miranda--recently!

Christian Gaming Community Fleets--Faith, Fun, and Fellowship! See the website and PM for more. :-)
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Originally Posted by takeshi6 View Post
The names of my characters' ships (and the reasoning behind them) are as follows:

Takeshi Yamato (Main): USS Raging Tempest (reflects his fighting style)

Nanoha Takamachi: USS Wolfram (this character is based on the protagonist of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise, and all names related to this character [BOffs and ships] come from the same franchise)

Shion Uzuki: USS Elsa (Xenosaga Naming Theme here)

Leonhardt "Leo" Raglan: USS Oathsworn (Record of Agarest War Generation 1 Naming Theme here)

Zak'Jul: IKS D'ul (minor Gundam SEED [translated into Klingon] Naming Theme here)

I have other characters, but these are some of my main ones.

EDIT 10/19/2012: Added my newest Level 50 to the list.
I want to meet those ships and jsut stroll around!

Originally Posted by mirai222 View Post
Ginzuishou (Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit) - Tribute to Sailor Moon.
Radiant (Patrol Escort) - Continuing a line of shining/shimmering style names.
Fortitude (Odyssey Star Cruiser) - Sort of continues a line of names involving forts.
Hephaestus (Exploration Cruiser Retrofit) - For a Vulcan engineer. Get it? Vulcan engineer.
Opal Sea (Odyssey Star Cruiser) - Just sounded good for a Betazoid doctor.
Firebrand (Odyssey Star Cruiser) - Continuing a line of patriotic/revolutionary names, for a Bajoran.

Song of Horror (Kar'Fi Battle Carrier) - Continues a line of "Song of..." ships, including Song of Ire, Song of Malice, etc. For an Orion scientist.
Phantom Flare (Qin Heavy Raptor) - A stealthy blaster.
Tankertoy (Bortas Heavy Battle Cruiser) - A haven for a joined Trill engineer.

Kudos to you as well!

As for me in current use.

U.S.S. Eris (Long Range Science Vessel - Discovery-Class) Named for both the Greek Goddess of Chaos and the main Catian Heroine from Asobi ni iku Yo!/Cat Planet Cuties. My Engineer and his team of bouncy Bridge Bunnies love the Star Explorer Bridge on it. ^_^

I.K.S. Aral (Norgh-clas Bird of Prey) named for Aral Vorkosigan from a series of books. References and knowledge of the series gets you bonus points.
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U.S.S. Ginormous Interior (except it gets cut short). I'm sure I do not need to explain why.

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