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Originally Posted by keeny75 View Post
In game I've seen hundreds if not thosends of ship names and most of them are unique. This made me curious to see if these names were chosen for a reason or just because it sounded cool.

My current ship is called U.S.S. SHIRLY WALLIS.
It's named after my mother inlaw who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Before that it was called the U.S.S. BECKS-VIER
after my favourite beer. Lol

What's yours called and why?
Originally Posted by angarus1 View Post
My characters have many ships. Just going to name one of each.

Vice Admiral Ycawin "Yun-In" Yunara

U.S.S. Discovery, Bellerophon class Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit.
Yun-In's ships are all named after songs by the awesome Korean singer BoA. "Discovery" is a nice song by her and a nice fit for the LRSV-R, since one of the ship's hull configurations in-game is the Discovery class.

Vice Admiral M'Tai

U.S.S. Princess Luna, Odyssey class, Operations variant.
M'Tai's shps are named after characters from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Princess Luna is best princess.

Lt. General Aylema "Aylyn" Daryn

I.K.S. Daedalus, B'Rel Bird of Prey Retrofit.
Named after STAG's ultimate weapon in Saints Row: The Third, who also had a ship named Thermopylae...
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08-13-2013, 09:31 PM
Well I usually go with whatever I get dealt when I claim the ship, ex. Liberator, Geissen, etc. But recently when requisitioning more advanced vessels, I name them after the canon captains of the same models, I.e. USS Janeway, USS Sisko(:
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08-14-2013, 11:16 AM
OH! I forgot one.. and it's my favorite ship... I had won a pink alfa pet, and sold it to this wonderful Orion lady. She's been my fried for... well, forever, really, and so she gave me 20 mil for it. 20 million... which is probably the highest amount I have ever had on my person. 1st Aquarius Fleet (I think that's who they are) was selling access to their Tier V shipyard, so I took that twenty million and purchased a Fleet Assault Cruiser from them. I had no idea what to name it, so I named it the U.S.S. Sterling, naming it after what can only be described as one of the sweetest and greatest friends I could ever ask for in the Klingon Empire. (That and she put a few dings in my 1st Sovereign I got when I hit level 40.)

Now I'm done naming my ships.
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08-14-2013, 12:04 PM
RRW M'ret for the Romulan defector from a TNG episode.

IKS Verecelen, which is part of earth's ancient Turkic mythology, a type of dragon called the Vere Celen.
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I usually have a theme that I follow as I level the character and get them new ships.

My first fed science captain was named after famous people who contributed to science, his current ship being the U.S.S. Armstrong as it was commissioned in the week he passed away

My tactical had the theme of ancient civilizations such as Sparta, Parthia and his current ship the U.S.S. Roman

My klingons tend to have a bit more of comedy in the names, such as my Vo'quv called the I.K.S. Winneb'ago.

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I have a couple:
Fed char (LC Tullat, Vulcan tactical):
USS Kirk (Excalibur-class cruiser) because I am a huge Captain Kirk fan
USS William Shatner (Yellowstone runabout) because the Shat

Rommie char: (SA2 Do'eth, Romulan tactical, Klingon ally):
RRW Badass (D'deridex cruiser) because awesome
RRW Gannius (Mirror ha'pax advanced warbird) because cool enough as-is

Klingon char: (LC Gu'ral, Klingon tactical):
IKS Mogh (B'rel BOP) because TNG fan
IKS Worf (B'rolth BOP) because TNG/DS9 fan and because Worf=kickass.
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08-15-2013, 07:38 AM
My main go-to ship is a Fleet Defiant U.S.S. Low Red Moon, named after a Belly song, because I'm a huge dork.
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My Scimitar is called the R.S.S Sabre. I have 2 German Shepherds, Sabre and Shadow. Shadow is my Armitage.
Both names suit the ships.
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My Scimitar is named "I.R.W. Space Invader" - as it's icon looks like it's from the game, and it also invades up all the space on my monitor... even zoomed all the way out.

My Daeinos Heavy Destroyer is named "R.R.W. e'Karus" - after Icarus.
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Originally Posted by nagrom7 View Post
I usually have a theme that I follow as I level the character and get them new ships.
I follow themes as well.

My main Fed character, Moogie (Ferengi) pilots a D'Kora named the U.S.S. Acquisition.

My main KDF character, Roife (joined Trill), is a scientist dedicated to peace and healing, not an easy way to go in the Klingon empire. He pilots the I.K.S. Roj, which means peace in Klingon.

My Fed-Allied Romulan, Ael (Aenar/Romulan Hybrid) has piloted ships named after Roman gods, as a nod to the belief that Paul Shneider created the Romulans as a Roman-like species. Now at VA, she pilots the IRW Caelus, after the god of the sky.

My KDF-Allied Reman, Nirrzan is only level 13. Her ships are being named after cave-dwelling animals. So far she has piloted a T'Liss Light Warbird named the Typhlocaris (cave shrimp) and a Dhelan warbird named the Olm (cave salamander)
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