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08-05-2012, 12:33 AM
Copied from the last thread:

My ships are named after places that are meaningful to me in some way, with one exception.

U.S.S. Abilene - Runabout - named for my second favorite city in Texas

U.S.S. Connemara - Mirror Star Cruiser - named for my home

U.S.S. Dallas - Tac Escort - named for the city I enlisted in

U.S.S. Dublin - Mirror Assault Cruiser - named for favorite city in Ireland

U.S.S. New Jerusalem - Heavy Escort Carrier - if you're familiar with the Bible then you recognize this, if not, well I don't know how to explain it

U.S.S. Raider - Caitian Stalker Fighter - this is the exception

U.S.S. San Antonio - Advanced Escort - named for my favorite city

Also, guess where I live
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08-05-2012, 12:54 AM
mine called the

Uss HMS can you guess why

my other ship is called the USS QE2 can you guess why

and the others all end in Shire

we most of them dont they are mostly named after famous tobacco brands and alchol brands aswell started a new tune and i will be going for sweets ( candy) this time might start with ICS
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08-05-2012, 01:30 AM
I got bored one day and decided to make a story behind the Character...

U.S.S. God of War (Kratos, not Aries)

Character Name: Skywalker

He was born on the U.S.S. Kratos, the first prototype Dreadnought Cruiser of it's kind. On its maiden voyage, it was raided by Klingons. His mother went into labor as soon as the ship was attacked. His dad was the captain of the U.S.S. Kratos and knew the ship wasn't going to last.

Since the ship was a prototype, not many escape pods where put on the ship. Plus the only ones available where small enough to fit only a few at a time. His father vowed to not leave the ship unless every last man was off of it. He rounded up as many people as he could and sent them on the last pod available. Just before he had to manually launch the pod, preventing him from escaping, he got a chance to look into his only child's eyes for the first, and last time.

Right before the Klingons destroyed the ship, Skywalker's father sat in his captains chair and watch the pod fly away, hearing his son's crys over the Comms. Uttering the words "Max... Payne... Skywalker... Jr. ..." just as the ship was destroyed.

Growing up, his mother trained him in his fathers image, becoming the spitting image of him in every way. She trained him to break all his records at the Starfleet Academy and graduating #1 in his class.

As he faced countless enemies, and ranked up faster than any other to Vice Admiral and became a Federation Ambassador, he learned of his father's past and demaded a Dreadnought of the latest Technology. He named his ship U.S.S. God of War in honor of his father and has become one of the best Phaser users in Starfleet History.

His is currently Fleet Leader of "Origin Zero Special Forces" and working his way to becoming Admiral.

That is his Bio/Background.
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08-05-2012, 05:21 AM
For my FED toon, Sahardoom, I used names from Bronze Age myths and legends, different gods from many myths and legends of that time...

Tactical Escort -> U.S.S. ABADDON NCC 900666-A (Hebrew Mythology)

Advanced Escort -> U.S.S. ASMODEUS NCC 900666-Y (Zoroastrian/Hebrew Mythology)

Patrol Escort -> U.S.S. ASTAROTH NCC 900666-X (Phoenician/Babylonian/Sumerian Mythology)

Mirror Assault Cruiser -> U.S.S. BELPHEGOR NCC 900666-B (Moabith/Assyrian Mythology)

Odyssey Star Cruiser -> U.S.S. DEMOGORGON NCC 900666-C (Greek Mythology)

Deep Space Sci. Vessel -> U.S.S. ELOHIM NCC 900666-D (Hebrew Mythology)

Danube Runabout -> U.S.S. YAHWEH NCC 900666-S (Hebrew Mythology)

For my KDF toon, Z'ha'dum, I used BABYLON 5 (best Sci-Fi show ever... after ST ) as inspiration, mostly Minbari...

Fl. Scourge Destroyer Retrofit -> I.K.S. DRALA'FI (Black Star)

Qin Heavy Raptor -> I.K.S. DRALA'FIZHA (Dark One from the Stars)

Ning'Tao Bird of Pray -> I.K.S. EN'FILI (Roams Among the Stars)
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08-05-2012, 06:00 AM
A list of my ships, with links to their inspiration:

Federation Ships:
Tactical Escort - U.S.S. Kearsarge

Engineer Cruiser - U.S.S. Carondelet

Science Vessel - U.S.S. Godspeed

Engineer Escort - U.S.S. Lightning

Klingon Ships:
Engineer Varanus Support Vessel - I.K.S. Drahkos - a variation on the word "dragon."

Tactical Cruiser: I.K.S. WamwI'voDleH, a "Klingonization" of the name Predaking

Science Raptor: I.K.S. Lohikaarme
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# 36 my ship name
08-05-2012, 10:11 AM
all my ships except one are named pertune , the one i am in now is called Pertune - Brising'a (no one correct me on the spelling from eragon please , its not the same thing )
Pertune means = Noble strength
Brising'a = is short for Pheonix

not much to my ship name.
to the creator of this thread , nice title it got my attention.
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08-05-2012, 10:47 AM
from last thread

on my fed
USS Edward McDonnell -defiant class named after the frigate my dad served on in 1977-1980

USS Hyperion -sovereign class random name cryptic gave

USS Yamato -Mirror Vanguard class hybrid named after the Japanese battle ship of WWII

USS Sultan -Mirror sovereign class random name cryptic gave

USS Parthenon -Odyssey class wanted a name that had to do with Greece original idea was the Iliad the prequel to homers odyssey but every one was calling the odyssey that so picked Parthenon

USS Victoria -Cheyenne class Fleet heavy cruiser original name cryptic gave was Victorian i chopped off the N as i thought Victoria sounded better. later retconned it to be named after Queen Victoria. now with the fleet system i have this old ship back as USS Victoria AC-154. i just RP that Starfleet do tot he war has brought back some ships that where suppose to be scrapped. the AC-154 is just so i can have 2 ships named Victoria it stands for Attack Cruiser and the 154 is the last 3 digits of the registry number

USS Victoria-A -Galaxy/Venture Class hybrid when i became captain and had to get a new ship i liked Victoria enough i used it again and just RP'ed that the old one was decommissioned the Victoria A is also my main when i first came RA i actually still used the T4 Galaxy up until VA when i could use the oddy then got the retro so the galaxy class in one form or another has been my main ship for a little over a year

USS Alpha Flyer Delta type shuttle play on delta flyer
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08-06-2012, 04:08 AM
Toon: MrWastee (reffering to George W.)
Fleet: W-A-S-T-E-S-I-D-E (reffering to the Westside)
Starbase: W-A-S-T-E-S-I-T-E (take a guess )
U.S.S. WASTESCOURT (Armitage Class): W's sense of justice. Big cannons, judges and lawyers, all in one. And the "EsCourt" pun
U.S.S. WASTEBASSADOR (Excelsior Class): Transwarp makes it my Travelpod
U.S.S. WASTELAND (Defiant Class): reffering to the Badlands
U.S.S. WASTE-IN-A-BOX (Intrepid Class): Ablative-Armor-boxed
U.S.S. WASTEPACK (Atrox Class): comes in a pack
U.S.S. WASTENOUGHT (Galaxy-X): is just naughty to waste something
U.S.S. WASTE-D-PRISE (Galaxy Class): read the name
U.S.S. WASTE-E-PRISE (Sovereign Class): read the name
U.S.S. WASTEENESS (MVAE): DPS output led me to this name
U.S.S. WASTETHOLIA (Orb Weaver): Thougt of magnolia an ended up with this
U.S.S. WASTEMEN (Recluse Carrier): There to collect the waste.
U.S.S. WASTEBOAT (Sao Paulo Class): Geared up with 3 fore quantum torps ^^
Some other ships too, all starting with WASTE. Thats because of W. and the fact, that almost every cent put in this game is wasted money (more or less; money for pixels^^)/ every enemy facing one of my ships is requested to get wasted...
So many things you can do with waste

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08-06-2012, 05:31 AM
My first ship in Beta was named USS Tarra Elizabeth, after my neice who died at the age of 4 from cancer. I sent a screenshot of that one to my sister and her husband, and they got a kick out of it. Tarra was an up and coming TNG geek, she loved it.

I currently have these:

USS Allegiance - Odyssey class. An American sounding name, but not one that I've ever heard used on any ship of the line in the USN. Kinda weird, I think.

USS Lafayette - Prometheus MVAM. After the Marquis de Lafayette

USS Devonshire - Nebula. No idea why, I wanted a Brit sounding name at the time. I was probably watching Downton Abbey when it hit me.

USS Invincible - Atrox. Proper carrier name.

USS Annapolis - Captain's Yacht. Capital of my home state.

USS Arachnidae - Tholian Orb Weaver. Beats my initial play of the USS Spiderman.

USS Vandal - Delta Flyer. After a class of aerospace fighter from the Battletech series
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08-06-2012, 05:41 AM
U.S.S. Vanguard here. I decided to do a bit of research beforehand, and there's not many ships in canon called that (and the ones that are seem to be randomly generated names for ships in a VERY old ST game), and it sounded right.
I did have a U.S.S. Destiny on my initial "let's see what all this Star Trek Online malarkey's about after hearing about it so much on the Champions Online boards" foray into the game, but then I decided that Destiny was a bit silly as a ship name.

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