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# 1 New STO game guide
08-03-2012, 02:15 PM
Hey what does every one think of creating a new game guide. This would serve to combine the basic information needed all in one place and answer some basic questions that people get when they play the game. So instead of looking all over the site for the answer to your question or just giving up and posting a new thread you would be able to come to this guide and hopefully be able to find the simple answer to your question with possibly a link to the more complex answer.

I know that there are game guides already up but they are out of date.

My idea is for everyone who wants to contribute to the guide can. It would be nice for the moderators and dev's to help out to. Hopefully when it is finished it can be combined into a nice searchable post with links to each of the topics, along with a pdf containing the info and if the devs want to they can make it so we can see it in the game.

I know that a good amount of the information needed for the guide is already up on the web so as long as the owner gives permission it can be used. Listed down below is a set of topics that should be covered in a guide.

Description of each skill and what it does
Class types and there own specific abilities
Kits with a description of there abilities
Default game controls and how to change them
Description of weapon types
Bridge officers and how to train them
Ship types (advantages and disadvantages for each)
Effect of ship power levels
What counsels do for a ship and how to calculate in there effect along with item stacking
PVE and PVP game play
Borg Task force
Nukara and Defri invasion
Item drops
Item sets with description of abilities
The exchange
Missions (all of the different types)
Doff missions
In game currency
Popular faq's with answers
How to use the map and the main game screen
Helpful links (sto's site, the sto wiki site and others)
Table comparing ships available at each rank
Tables listing values for weapons and every other item at each mark level.

This guide is meant to help the new players and older players. The goal is to take all of this information where some of it is already up but all spread out and combine it into one place/ doc. This guide is meant to be simple and easy to understand like for example: at 100 weapon power in space your weapons do 200% damage and at 50 weapon power they do their normal damage. High power is 75 or above low power is this number. If wanted the simple descriptions can have links to the more complicated descriptions.
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# 2
08-04-2012, 08:13 PM
I think this would be a great idea! I have been away for a long time and itwould be niceto have all the new info in one place.
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# 3
08-04-2012, 08:33 PM
what are you walking every forum and posting this garbage in the first 3 threads? what i would pay for a report button
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