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After a match this evening where apparently PSW knocked out bobtheyanks weapons (all but aft,) I was looking at the frap and I had my shield distribution was stuck.

I had no intention of doing such things. It's a newly leveled toon. It compliments a team and I happened to queue for some pugging. I'm not here to indulge the masses or change my intended build. This **** happens to me all the time on my bops and when it does I just relog to fix it.

The fact is, PSW is a good counter to ablative, extends, tractors and evasiving escorts if you're quick enough. It's use, while bugged ATM has a viable use in the game. The UI issues surrounding it doesn't negate it's usefulness. So if I offend you with it's use, so be it.

However it's not my fault there is a bug that has been around since before Season 6 that PWE has failed to fix. More importantly, the pet tractor spam, ablative crap, and extend spam has made it a very viable power. The unintended effects aren't intended. For that, I am sorry but given the nature and uses of the power, it's use is non-negotiable.

With that said, PWE knowing what they know, they need to fix it's use so it's not a issue. Hence I am posting this here and in PVP.


PS. When pugging I will try and limit the use of the power so it's not to offend anyone. However I will not run SS because I think unconfused enemies are more enjoyable to fight. FBP used to be a power I enjoyed while pugging, but since it was broke with TSS I haven't realy used it and frankly I really don't care to be a killer sci. I look to support a team not myself. Kthx

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