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Hi STO community,

I've recently purchased the Heavy Escort Carrier and love it. What I was wondering is if people might be able to help me with the weapon load out and bridge officer skills to make it more effective.

I only play PvE and STF, no interest in PvP.

My current lay out is;

Fore weapons-phased tetryon dual heavy cannons [damx2] XI x2
Photon Torp XI Borg
Dual tetryon beam array XI borg

Aft weapons-tetryon turret XI borg x2
photon torp XI borg

Eng-tetraburnium hull armor XI, EPS flow regulator XI, Monotanium alloy XI

Sci-uni assimilated module, biofunction monitor X

Tac-torp point defence system, tetryon pulse gen x2, photon detonation assembly

Comm tac-tac team 1, torp high yield 2, cannon rapid fire 2, attack pattern omega 3

Lt tac-tac team 1, cannon rapid fire 1

En tac- torp high yield 1

Lt eng-emergency power to shields 1, eng team 2, reverse shield polarity

Lt sci- transfer shield strength, hazard emitters

I have no Mark XII gear as I'm not ready to play elite STF yet.

Any help would be appreciated
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08-05-2012, 11:01 AM
it was 1000 times sayed how a escort have to be build 3x cannon front + torp or 4x cannon and 3 x turret back to get max dmg into front what will you hit with beams or torp in back?

wastet not existing dmg and its totally logical .....

if you will use beams take a cruiser and have fun with it

so use the stock build like it was now 2 years, dont go into stfs without 125 weaponenergy or you make the life from all players in very hard, make skills from shot range cannons make on 9km distance no dmg so flight into near then aktivate skill to make real dmg.

now you know all secrets of the game

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08-05-2012, 11:42 AM
besides the things moony has mentioned, I?d move the point defense console away from tac (preferably to a sci slot) and mount another +Tet console.
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08-05-2012, 02:32 PM
Weaponlayout was already talked about, I take some words on this part:

Originally Posted by budgie1701 View Post
Eng-tetraburnium hull armor XI, EPS flow regulator XI, Monotanium alloy XI

Sci-uni assimilated module, biofunction monitor X

Tac-torp point defence system, tetryon pulse gen x2, photon detonation assembly
Tac: Remove defense system, add pulse gen
Sci: Remove biofunction monitor, add Shield % (either cap or reg, depends on used shield)
Eng: Remove EPS (you hardly ever need it), add defense system
exchange resis for Kinetic/Energy ones (or Plasma/X + Kinetic)

And if you ask me, you should be ready for Elite STFs pretty soon.
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08-05-2012, 10:01 PM
Two Neutronium are better than the one Tetraburnium and one Monotanium.

I won't go into the maths (since the .x they added through out my numbers) but 2 Neutronium is 36% vs everything while the ones your using now has gaps.

a Torpedo or a DBB is a great compliment to Dual Cannons. But not both, since your not using any beam abilities replace with a another Dual (Heavy) Cannon. Also drop the rear torpedo, you'll usually be facing your foe so may as well put a 360 weapon in there.

A Long time ago, 2 DHC's used to be all you could mount on a ship as the Cannons all shared a global cooldown (like torpedoes still do) and we used to use DBB's well those days are long gone long live 3 DHC's.
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08-06-2012, 01:18 PM
If you build for stf, I prefer 1 neutronium and 1 tetraburnium, you max out your resist against borg that way. They use tet, plasma and Antiproton on you. You found it more resistant against those weapon than 2x neutronium. I swap tetraburnium for ablative when in fleet action, because there is lots of disruptor and again you get more resist that way.

Of course that my point of view and can be debatable by other who have other views on the matter.

For weapon I use 3 DHC and 1 DB. I use FAW with DB and not Beam Overload. I don't like the drain of beam overload on system and found faw more useful, specialy if cube send a HYT your way and you don't have scv available at the moment or you're not quite pointing the right way, they will get them, specially with 2x[ACC] like I have on DB. And when using FAW with DB it look like they hit at more than 90 degres radius, but I never had time to really check angle so its just a feeling I get.

For the rest I agree with what the others said.
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08-15-2012, 08:48 AM
Cheers all,

I have taken your advice and replaced the rear torp with another turret and the dual beam with another heavy cannon.

Still experimenting with the different hull plating but so far I have noticed a difference.

Thanks again for all your help

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