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# 1 Starfleet knows we are here?
08-05-2012, 02:03 PM
So the voiceover on starbase incursion... When you play it on klingon side you still hear the department store announcer from hell telling the baddies that starfleet knows they are there.

Did starfleet send them to attack our base and if so is it really prudent to announce it over a loudspeaker at least twice a minute?

In the future if you are using the same audio track for both sides try to exclude any specific refrences to one side or the other. It is not like this same issue has not come up before. In order to save time, money, and grief if you are going to continue to rehash the same missions and events that were obviously created primarily for the federation side and allow klingons to play as an afterthought refrain from any faction specific dialogue.

Also as i have said before putting the same factions the fed side fights in klink events and simply putting "rebel" or "rival" in front of their names is pretty lame. why not use the same factions in colony invasion minus the klingons for the klingon side simply putting "rival" in front of the name makes you guys look lazy.

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