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Sorry this is another post on the same thing. Searching for this stuff is rough here.

Basically it is this. Last time I was playing was Season 3. I have a Federation Officer who is level 50 science officer.

What I want to do, as a returning player, I am looking to continue with my level 30 KDF science officer, but am open to starting a new KDF with another class. What I need is a character/ship build to get rocking with, so I could get reacquainted with the game once more.

The type of ship that I like is a middle down the line ship. Then again, I would also like to be geared towards a carrier. I am not quite sure yet.

So any help would be great, but I am liking the science officer, since I like the Subnuc beam. Debuffing is fun for all.

Thank you all again.
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08-10-2012, 01:44 PM
welcome back. i guess you have noticed that with season 6 has come fleet bases. i belong in a very laid back friendly fleet that has both fed and klingon players. not as many on the klingon side, so i'm always trying to help them out by finding klingon players looking for a base. i don't play on the klingon side myself.

you may want to check out the fleet; just click on my signature. even if you just visit to ask some questions i'm sure you can get some great advice.

good luck.

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