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# 1 Star Base ideas
08-06-2012, 04:30 AM
The ?Ashes to Ashes? fleet is currently trying to get the resources together to build a star base, which got me thinking, once the star base is up and running what would be cool to do with it, what could be done.

I admit I have not gone through all the info about star bases nor what will happen once it?s up and running, but here are some ideas I had

? The star base could become under attack, members of the fleet get a distress call for aid. Or you get a message/email saying that long range sensors have detected an enemy klingon fleet heading towards the star bases, you have 24hrs before the fleet arrives

? Also you could get some sort of dry dock on the star base for your fleet, say you can hold 10 - 20 ships, now these ships are ships that the gamers already have, older ships from when you first started or ships that you no long use. Now the leader of the fleet could choose the ships to go out on patrol, say max of 5 - 10 each time. Just like with duty officers you can give orders to the ship eg go and scan something, provide escort to freighters incoming etc, but these ship also defend the star base if under attack (doing this would give you a reason to keep, use and update older ships).

? Another idea I had, from the ships that are in the dry dock, members of the fleet could choose to take out different ships from other members of the fleet. So a science member could see what its like to control a Galaxy X star ship for example. Now once a character has chosen to take a ship out, either to try it out or take into combat, the ships items are locked, so no body would be able to strip a ship of all its items, unless you are the owner of that ship.

Just a couple of ideas, let me know if you agree or disagree with my comments, or if you have similar thought, please let me know

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08-06-2012, 05:51 AM

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