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Sorry its not STO foundry ofc, but another game called The Repopulation, by Above and Beyond Technologies using the HeroEngine.

The video shows alpha gameplay, but what caught my eye is there seems to be a building segment where the player can pick and choose assets in a live map and then place them. Walls, chairs, buildings etc It seems pretty seemless and has such configuration options as to allow orientation of placement along at least one plane (the ground).

And... the additions you make are added in real time. (From 42 seconds onward in the video)

There has been plenty of requests and acknowledgements for the benefits of having a 3D realtime placement utility for foundry, this is how I imagine it looking (at least).

Hopefully this will be a future direction for our own Foundry one day. Conquering 3D realtime placement would be akin to overcoming one of the great obstacles in enticing in new potential authors to the Foundry imo.

To quote from the other game's info:
Another major element is the ability to build structures. Examples of structures include buildings, walls, props and decorations. Using the capabilities of both the client and server, players are able to place objects in the game world and other players can see the structure immediately.

Once placed, depending on the different rules in place for that structure, it can be moved around, rotated, or deleted from the world.

Each structure is also vulnerable to being destroyed by other players using siege weapons or vehicles so it is important to protect the structures through the variety of options available.
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I remember mentioning something like this to Dan in one of the "Ask Cryptic" reports (though my comparison was "The Sims") and he'd told me that they were planning on doing something like this.

It was in the "Ask Cryptic" May 2011 edition.

Q: TOSLover While I absolutely love the Foundry and am very amazed at all we can do with it, might there be an easier way that we could place our items, objects, ships, etc.? Maybe like an actual 3-D representation similar to how "The Sims" does it? I guess the question I'm asking is a change to Foundry object placement somewhere on the horizon?

A: Your suggestion is right on the money and I wish the team had the time to implement this immediately. Unfortunately it is going to take us quite a bit of time to get there. The first step might come later this year when we start to talk about a revamp to ship interiors and player starbases that would allow you to place objects as props.

Now, since it was back in May of 2011, those plans might have changed, but I'm thinking that, since Dan is now back with STO, they'll start working on it again.

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