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So, the lvl 3 mission Needs of the Many is a pain in the asterisk. Firstly, it doesn't explain to low-level players that you have to scan anomalies to find the actual mission. Secondly, it also doesn't explain that the spawn rate of these missions is not worth spending your time trying to find. Lastly, as far as I can tell, it's bugged. The 1st and 2nd problems are explained in the Star Trek Online wikia, and I did get lucky in that it didn't take long for the actual mission to spawn. I think I ended up scanning 5 anomalies? Some players who posted earlier about this mission weren't so lucky.
So fine, I jumped through the first few hoops with relative ease. Now as far as I can tell, the mission is bugged. It says to aid the planet, but when I get to the planet there is nothing. Just a star and a planet in the area. There were 2 additional anomalies in the area that gave me radiation samples I think. But as far as I can tell, there is no way to complete the mission.
Very, very perturbed. Just take the mission out if you don't want people completing it. Can it really be that difficult?

Edit: It seems it may have been a temporary glitch, I tried logging out and then back in and the bridge officer asked if I wanted to orbit the planet. The mission is still bugged, as nothing happened after I confirmed. Going to attempt a total client reboot.
Edit2: Nope, still bugged. The message reads something along the lines of "We're being hailed by the System-Q651312 government sir, would you like to go into orbit?" When I click continue, nothing...

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Within the exploration zones, the anomalies will have one of two things happen. Either it can be scanned for resources, or you can "Explore Unknown System". I believe the latter option is only available if you are high enough level to pick up "Explore X" missions.

When you enter the system, you get a random mission type. (Completing three of these missions will fulfill the "Explore X" mission. If you have an active "Diplomatic Investigation" mission, then there will be an additional button that will immediately take you into a random non-combat Explore System mission, which also counts for the "Explore X" missions.)

If you happen to get an Aid the Planet mission, you get hailed when you approach the planet and they request commodities. I may be just forgetting the text, but I don't recall being asked to go into orbit...

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Are you in the system when it says that? Because all that screen really does is confirm that you've picked up a transmission. You have to fly to the planet in order to get the next popup screen.
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Perhaps you are not yet close enough to the planet. You have to get VERY close before the planet will hail you.
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Or if you're in the base zone with all the annomolies in the the area and not in the instance look for a message that say's continue XXXX That will take you back. If it's an aid the planet mission you will need to have usually 10 of some commodity as well. Combining that quest with the explore quest and the one for that area (Delta Volans for example) you can do 2-3 missions by 'exploring' 3 systems in one area. Good mission to work ratio done right.
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This quest is bs!it's what made me rage quit a year ago lol

Came back today and tried again then found out I didn't have to do it
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I just finally dropped this mission.
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I have never had issues with this or the strange new worlds missions.
For the aid the planet you have to get in orbit of the planet to get this mission Also the amount of resources get help you do certain things at memory alpha.

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