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This is build is made for PvP, but will work fine in PvE, and will totally dominate any PvE content with a couple minor changes. Unlike with most carrier builds, you do the damage, and the pets are merely supplemental damage.

Captain: Tactical

Fore- 3 Dual Heavy Cannons of choice, [Acc]x3 for PvP and Borg weapons for PvE, 1 Quantum Torpedo.
Aft- 3 Turrets, same energy type as DHC

Shield-Klingon Honor Guard MK XII (Or MK XI if you don't have the MK XII version)

Devices: Aux Batt, Engines Batt, Subspace Field Modulator

Engineering-2 Neutronium Alloy MK (Best you can get)
Science-2 Field Generators, Plasmonic Leech, Borg Console (Swap Leech for Phase Shift if you don't have it)
Tactical-3 Consoles of preferred energy type
Hangar- Advanced Fer'Jai Frigates x2

Boff Layout:
LtCmdr Tactical- Tac Team 1, Torpedo High Yield 2, Cannon Rapid Fire 2
Lt Tactical- Tac Team 1, CRF1
Lt Engineering- Emergency Power To Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Cmdr Science- Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2, TSS3, Tractor Beam Repulsors 3 (Swap to Gravity Well 3 for PvE)
Ens Science- Science Team 1 (Or use Tractor Beam 1, your choice)

Power Settings:
Weapons: 100
Shields: 50
Engines: 25
Auxiliary: 25

Flight Deck Officer x3 (The launch speed reduction kind)
2 Doffs of choice (Shield Distribution Officers would be my first pick)

Skill Points: Here

With this setup, you should have about 16-17k shields per facing. With EP2S 1 and TSS 2/3 going (use EP2S when under fire, but try and save TSS for when you think you will need it. Remember you have 2 copies, so you have a 30 second cooldown) you should be able to keep shields up until TT1 comes back off cooldown. Remember you have a lot of shields, so even at 2/3 strength you still have as much as most escorts do at full. Each of you pets has Aceton Beam, and with a 15 sec CD, you can quite easily stack it 4 times on a single target when their HE is on CD. That damage reduction further helps keep you alive. RSP will refill most of your shields if you start to get in danger, and the Phase Shift adds a second escape ability if you have it. Remember, you are flying the squishiest ship available at Tier 5, and even with high shield capacity a good escort can really do a lot of damage to you. You should have about 12 turn rate, which is enough to keep larger ships in your DHC arc. Use TB1 if you have it on the more nimble ships, or rely on your teammates/Frigates to slow a target down. You are also not an Escort, so don't expect to be able to easily chase stuff down. Other than that, use typical escort-style play to kill targets(You have no lack of damage). Also, Be careful about TBR use, as it can hinder your team if used wrong, however if tac buffed it can do some absurd through-shield damage, or get rid of tractors on you.

Now go kill some Feds!

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