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So, let me start from the beginning:

After somewhat recently updating drivers for my Geforce 550m, I started to notice random frame rate drops, I thought nothing of it because it was for Season 6 when we had a bunch of ships attacking us. So I played on. Note that at some point between now and the next event, I decided to crank down my graphics settings, so that I would get a higher FPS.

However, some time later (a few days, weeks, I can't remember), the graphics started acting very oddly: I would start up the game and the frame rate would be very good for what I'm used to (30-40 fps), and then would drop down to the single digits, with no trigger, as far as I can tell, a few minutes later.

So, I decided something had to be done. After looking on other forums with the same graphics card having the same issues (for Starcraft and Diablo, but I figured it had to be more card related than STO related), I saw that I should roll back my drivers to a previous version. I did.

So now, when I try to launch STO about 2/3 of the time, the game crashes during the Cryptic loading screen. The error reporter also disappears milliseconds after the game crashes (I see it flash, and then immediately disappear).

Also, I continuously was tinkering with graphics settings to see if I could get something stable (other than single digit frame rate ). I have tried putting graphics on half-res, but that did not help. I have also tried tweaking some of the settings in the Troubleshooting section. Nothing I've done has helped.

I would appreciate any suggestions!

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