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Expect it be PS4/Xbox 720 that could see the first Decent MMO for consoles.

I don't think it would be wise at moment to just port over PC version at moment as wouldn't be marketable. They would have take the basic elements and rebuild it from the ground up. Don't get me wrong PC STO is good. But it needs to be better hopefully in the future it will be. With updates they have coming.

My Suggestings develops decided to use next gen Technology for Star Trek MMO Consoles:

Going just name it Star Trek: New Horizons {Just to think of a name}

Tag Line "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of your starship. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before."

1. New Combat for ground battles! Maybe Co-op like the new star trek game. But still keep the classic battle technique as an option those pefer classic fights!,

2. Alien powers: Would like to see Federation Orion Officer use her "seductive" charms on a guard! while Vulcan uses his Vulcan Neck Pinch to knock out the guard. Maybe Mind Melding with guard to gain more information. actually implementing powers! Like Odo disgusing himself as objects.

3. What I like implemented that not in STO:
a. Proper Orbiting of a planet
b. Different Alets: Green, Yellow & Red
c. Shuttle Animation: leaving ship, Landing on ship, Land on surface or base, also if you land on surface shuttle should be on the surface. If Transporting down from shuttle you have to use Shuttle Transporter.
d. Transporter room: When beaming down use your own Transporter room.
e. Bridge Commander type functionaity on your bridge
f. No glitch when sitting down
h. Have meetings in the observation lounge with your crew.
i. Everything that was in F2P STO Trailer that you can't do in your own ship. Like the Funeral service for a lost comrade.

4. Missions Types: Reworked Mission types. You should able to decide what types of missions that can be started! Defend, Explore, Fleet, Patrol, Storyline, Special Task Force, Diplomacy & Add Cruise {Basically Freeroam without missions}

5a. Playable races: When playable races become available in future. They should also have Bridge Officers to go along with them. Ie Betazoid & Benzrite, Joined Trill etc. More races to choice from. If there available use to create your player! You should be able to use them as Bridge officers.

Next Star Trek MMO: New Horizons:
STO is all about just Captain & His Tactical view. There's a little bit of inside of bridge but more for cosmetic reasons than anything else.

In the future. The Hub should your character. The Tactical view should just be an optional view. Along with the Bridge.

My Vision of how it should be is this for PS3/XBOX MMO: You start you game. Maybe it plays out like a Film in Star Trek at start with a catchy Film sequence where ships been hit. Similar to STO Tutorials but it was all Holo simulation. Maybe after that. Plots revealed the whole thing was your first holodeck assignment.

Your have a couple of Star Fleet tutorial excursions using your newly aquired shuttle. before gaining the rank of Lt. Here's where I do things differently. Your granted your Ship. But you next assignment before boarding her is to get a crew together.

Ie your elite Senior Bridge Officers. You head over to Requisitions to aquire. 8-10 Senior Officers for your Ship who like you who just graduated & read be assigned to a ship from Starfleet academy. Unlike STO who forces them on you. You get choice of either Selecting a premade Officer or created one from scratch! Bit like the character creator that used you to create your main captain.

I would like see a new seperation division for BOFF's and the Elite Main BOFF's! These Elite Boff's are ones you see every week on the TV! Your Spocks, Data's, Holographic Doctors, T'Pol.

I think you should have only 8-10 Main ones! These are the ones you be speaking to day-to-day. These are you main guys. These are ones who have main positions on your ship. When I go to my ship I want to see my Doctor I made at Sick Bay not some Random duty officer. Same with Chief Engineer. So hence why I say 8-10 to include Deck officers. Unlike STO make should be no more than 10 or 12 at most. For core elite.

I would like to have actual positions for my officers! 1st officer, 2nd officer, Science Officer, Doctor, Cook, Counsellor, Bartender etc.

Maybe just call these Upper Tier Boff's. Right the lower tier Boff's are ones you can have max 50 of at the moment. These will be my Boff's cadets. For grooming & Farming to be my Senior officers for the future.

Reason I want 2 Tiers of Boff's is when we reach high rank where you can have control over other ships! Your own fleet of ships you own. Where are the BOFF's coming to fly thoses ships? Hence why I recommend lower Tier seperate section for BOFF's. These are ones who will be at Bridge of your other ships. Not including the one your have using.

You take your favs with you but! Other BOFF's take Bridges positions of other ships.

I would implemented if you liked a certain Duty Officer you should able to promote an Duty officer to lower Tier Boff Management Programme. {While I'm on about Duty Officers! I would allow player to choose the races of the Duty Officer for your crew. If you don't like
Tellarite you shouldn't be force to have any. Currently have a Male Tellarite running about my ship & Don't like him being there!}

Seating arrangements:
It's my ship & I would like control on who sits on the chairs on the Bridge & on Shuttles. My Idea is the menu be updated so it actually has where the Elite BOFF's will be place on the Bridge & on Decks.

Next Gen Interior Ship:
Finally getting to Interiors. The STO are good for what they are an PC STO MMO game. But for the NEXT Gen Console MMO of the future.. They need to be even more realistic. Dare I say it. Real. Developers need encourage you be on your ship more. So how do that is have more actions you need to do on the ship.

Have More Bridge Interactivity like Bridge Commander with working Viewerscreen showing where you are & working Hails. Also have your Bridge Crew respond to your command especially when in combat. [Tactical can be same as STO. If you wish to fight yourself}.

There needs to be more Decks as you progress thru the ranks more Decks should open up. Like Observation Lounge, Holodeck etc..

Your ship:
I just that feeling that your ships should feel like it's massive but it's not in STO. I think in the future. Your ship should be massive. It should feel like a massive city. With Multiple Big Decks, It should feel alive. With V/O Announcements. Duty Officers talking & what not. Your ship should have that Starbase feel too it. Alive and bursling with life.

When you start you game you should start off in the Captains Quarters. Then you head to the Bridge. If you beamed back from a mission! It should be your ship transporter room.

Shuttles should have there own hanger area in future.

Basically STO all about 2 Views! Captains experience & Tactical it's not really about your inner workings of your ship.

Developers need to change this in the future. The main focus should be your captain story within the interior of your ship & His relationships with his crew. ie Team work. STO focus on off ship stories. I would also see able to switch characters and play as any of the elite BOFF's characters you selected play thru there stories.

Basically implement Interior ship stories. Where you have missions focused in own your ship. Specific to the person's own ship. As in Star Trek series. Every ship tells it's own story & it's Crew have there own stories thru the seasons.

Just give an example. Have aliens diplomats come to your ship. You host an Diplomatic party for the ambassors then you have find out who killed one of the Diplomat's. That kind of thing or one of your Crew has disappeared off ship. Maybe been kidnapped or Shuttle Craft has been crashed landed. You rescue your crew mate. These types of stories.

Ending with:
With next gen Tech. I could see Huge Advances in an ST MMO in the future. Ie like High res Character models., Plots talored to Users ship rather than else where, New Rag Doll Physics for Combat, Better realistic Interiors & more organic NPC's who are actually seem like there alive. Similar to GTA/Saints third. Row kind of thing.

The Next Gen Ships would be ace & Interiors would be massive. The Locations would be massive too. Just imaginating what an ST MMO could do with 50gig of Blu Ray to drive your Bigger universe with a little help from the servers.

If your going have an Console ST: MMO in the future. Just think Bigger, Badder & better.

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