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# 1 Enigma/Nibiru Prject
08-20-2012, 07:11 AM
Star Trek Online
The Nibiru Prototype
Codename: Enigma
Short Detail: design elements taken from the Multi-Vector-Assault- Mode Module found on experimental versions of the Advanced Escort. Primarily a cruiser. But one that can be altered/tailored, to the use of a specific captain. One ship, two parts, 3 elements!
Now I?m not an amazing artist (so ill use things that come to mind and that have taken my interest)

Take for instance John Eaves? take on an MVAM Capable Sovereign Class (above), a well-drawn and thought out ship that sadly never saw the light of day! Taking this design (would love someone to design/sketch up a ship for this idea) and adding a twist here is a design for a future Fleet Ship:
The Design would be of Fleet cruiser with an EDGE that comes with two equippable (separate) consoles: Parthian and Marathon.
When the module is not activated and the cruiser is as a complete unit the stats are as so:
Fore weapons: 5 (middle one can only equip Torp.)
Aft Weapons: 4 (was going to go with 5 but thought this may be over-powered)
Console slots: 3
Eng. Con. Slots: 4
Sci. Con. Slots: 3
Tac. Con. Slots: 3
Crew: 1600
Hull: 40000
(Plus the special console slot for placing either the Sci: Parthian or Tac: Marathon Consoles into)

Equipping the Parthian Console: once you have equipped the Parthian console onto the cruiser you are then able to activate the Parthian Manoeuvre which then puts you in command of the larger part of the separated vessel (Science Vessel), leaving the smaller Escort Vessel to assist (as the Aquarius does for the Odyssey) or to be dismissed.
The stats then change for the Parthian Vessel to this:
Fore Weapons: 3 (no DHC?s or DC?s)
Aft Weapons: 2
Port Weapons: 1 (can only Equip Beams and Turrets)
Starboard Weapons: 1 (same as Port)
360. Central Weapon: 1 (can equip all weapon types bar DHC?s, DC?s)
Console Slots: 4 (the Parthian loses one weapon slot for a console slot)
Eng. Con. Slots: 3
Sci. Con. Slots: 4
Tac. Con. Slots: 3
Crew: 700
Hull: 27000

Equipping the Marathon Console: once you have equipped the Marathon Console onto the cruiser you are then able to able to activate the Marathon Manoeuvre which places you in command of the smaller Marathon Class Escort. The Parthian will then stay as a healing/support vessel or can be dismissed.
The stats for the Marathon Escort are:
Fore Weapons: 4
Aft Weapons: 4
360. Central Weapons: 1 (same as Parthian)
Console Slots: 3
Eng. Con. Slots: 2
Sci. Con. Slots: 4
Tac. Con. Slots: 4
Crew: 900
Hull: 13000

its just an idea that ive been wanting to blurt out for ages

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08-20-2012, 02:45 PM
It's a really doo idea actually. I think what you mean is you have a saucer sep, but you can choose which section you want, the drive section or the saucer section. Only a couple of issues: have you EVER used either of these? On saucer sep, the only bonus is the improoved maneuverability. The now "pet" which is the saucer or aquarious, or two other drive and attack sections form the Mvam are painfully underpowered, and are considered completely irrelevant.

Another issue is that your adding and subtracting weapon console and device slots, which in the middle of combat would mean you would have to add and/or remove consoles, which can't be done under red alert.

Still, cool idea. But lets do something real quick: I like cruisers as much as the next guy, and far from wanting too see no more cruisers come out (I'd love too see us get a Typhoon and Jupiter class before anything else in the cruiser line), but we've got too many right now. Even though I'm a fed, I support the Klingons. Give them some cool new ships. Hell give them a few more carriers, I don't care, they just make a bigger boom.

And give us some of the awesome science ships! Waiting for Vesta plz!
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# 3
08-21-2012, 02:05 AM
This could never happen and i'll explain why.

1. 5 front 4 rear weapons, even on a cruiser, is borderline OP. Your idea to make one weapon slot torpedoes only is not something the game engine is capable of enforcing. It doesn't differentiate slots, just the number of and location of said slots.

2. A console that can only be placed in science or tactical slots. Again, this is currently against the game engine. We have universal consoles which can be placed anywhere and consoles that can be placed in specific rows but the programming to allow a console to be placed in one of two rows is significant. (A workaround would be 2 separate consoles. A valid move given you have asked for 10 consoles anyway.)

3. Parthian / Marathon consoles. This just does way too much the game engine can't handle. I know shocking what it can't do. You want to change the number of available weapon slots. Nope. As I said in point 1 it doesn't differentiate between slots so you could never choose which weapons were lost even if they could implement this. You also created 2 new firing arcs. You have any idea how much work that would create? All for one ship. Nope. You also changed the console layout. Same reason the weapon layout cant be changed applies to this.

All this you have asked for as an activated ability.


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