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Hey all!

Been looking around and didn't see much talk about the Recluse and possible loadouts that people might have used to good effect. My captain is a Sci, and I mainly do PvE, so I was sitting on 4 beam arrays now, the torp that it comes with, and a quantum in the back. Have most of the fun consoles sitting in it, and I threw in a tac officer in the universal slot.

Hope that people can share some of their loadouts to good effect. Who knows, maybe this will start something around here for the Recluse Carriers. Catch everyone later.
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# 2 Recluse
08-08-2012, 09:01 PM
Commander tactical
Tactical team 1
Beam overload 2
Fire at will 3
Attack pattern beta 3

LtC science
Jam sensors 1
Hazard emitters 2 or TSS2
Gravity well 1

LtC engineering
Aux to Battery 2 or Aux2SIF

Ensign science
Science team 1

Ensign tactical
Torpedo spread 1

5X polarized tetryon arrays
Omega set
Red matter capacitor
Sub space modulator

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# 3
08-09-2012, 06:16 AM
Does anyone have any other suggestion? Is it worth putting a science officer in a universal slot even if i am a tactical officer?
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08-09-2012, 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by hrci2907 View Post
Does anyone have any other suggestion? Is it worth putting a science officer in a universal slot even if i am a tactical officer?
Always depends on which role you want to play on the battlefield.
Using a Tac Commander means doing more weapondamage. This looks good for you, but might hurt your group.
Using a Sci Commander gives you more Utilities and Heals.
Having 2 Gravity Wells/Tyken's on a Group of enemies can be very entertaining and is superduper for Torpedoboats, which work best with tight groups of shieldless "things".
Using a Eng Commander gives you the available slots for EPTS/EPTW-cylcing, while using a strong ship for tanking (only downside is you need to invest on Threat Control to make it work).

It is one of the things I like about the Tholian BOFFlayout, you have a very strong station to switch frealy, which alters your skillset in a way, that it changes your gameplay by more than a bit (on the fly).

Currently working on a Tac Alien for a Orb Weaver, to use this advantage on the battlefield. Haven't decided about traits yet, though.
So far this is one of the BOFFlayouts I consider using (for Blockade in specific):click
Ignoring the Universal Slot, it basically gives me the "basics" I always want, with having the Universal Slot switched by needs. it should be easily adaptable for a Recluse.
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# 5
08-09-2012, 08:36 AM
As a Sci, I want the Tholian Recluse and would run it heavy Sci build. From what I understand if your built right it's fantastic as you have every Sci power you want/need.
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08-09-2012, 02:28 PM
It is neat to see the different ideas. I run the setup below right now and it seems to do well as a wrecking ball, but yea if you did put Sci in the commander slot it would have ton of utility. When I run around with the Atrox there is so much to do because of the Sci, it takes a lot to take that sucker out because of the utility.

Right now I am running the Recluse like this

Comm Univ - Tac - Torp Spread, Torp Spread, AP - Beta (Because I can't find anyone yet to do Fire At will 3), AP - O 3
Ens Tac - Fire At Will
LT Comm Eng - EPTS, EPTS, Emerg Power SIF
LT Comm Sci - Sci Team, Transfer Shield, GW
Ens Sci - Polaraize Hull

  • Front - 2 Disruptor Array, Therminonic Torp
  • Aft - 2 Disruptor Array, Quantum Torp

  • Eng - Neutronium, EPS, Tholian Grid, Borg Console
  • Sci - Field Generator, Point Defense, Theta Vent, Anti-Matter Spread
  • Tac - Disruptor dmg console.

Like that it is okay with the GW and it lines eveything up in a tight little ball for a Torp Spread of doom. Takes a bit to get through the shields on that setup, and it seems to piss off groups of baddies. With the Tholian fighters, they hurt on a normal basis but as soon as I get the disruptor debuff on they wreck stuff. Then I throw on the Tholian Grid and things explode. Seems to do well as a DPS machine in PvE. Don't know if it can be tweeked better or differently to handle the task.
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# 7 Science build
08-09-2012, 04:43 PM

Gravity well 3
Tractor beam repulsors
Hazard emitters 2
Science team 1

Photonic shock wave 1
Transfer shield strength 2
Jam sensors 1

Eject warp plasma 1
Emergency to shields 1

Science team 1

Tactical team 1

Borg set
Vent Theta radiation console
jump console
Borg console
RCS turn accelerator
1 particle damage enhancer
1x graviton generator
Antimatter spread console
Shield % increase console
2x energy weapons consoles (or leave the universals here for an extra particle and graviton console)

Run 55-55-25-95

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# 8 Recluse
08-09-2012, 05:10 PM
An issue that you are going to have with a science commander is a lack of DPS spikes. It can do DPS, sure but the tactical commander improves debuff and damage spike ability.

Whatever way the wind blows, I highly recommend;

Jump Console. Helps the Recluse stay pointed at the target, avoid some damage and maintain control superiority.

56,000 HP hull, focus on shields instead of healing. Even if a side goes down you will survive for a while. Always have something to heal, but don't give up on shields if there's a sacrifice. Avoid aux to SIF, use hazard emitters for NPC's survival.

Use tetryon weapons if you run with the on board widow fighters. Tetryon glider from the omega set works wonderfully.

Bottom line is in PVE you are up against lots of strong opponents, 10+ enemy ships with 150k hull apiece. Whereas in PvP I would run a full shutdown/VM science build, in PvE you face much higher shields and hull. The commander tactical really goes far. GW1 is about the only useful science skill I've found to work in PVE lately, I've tried everything, tachyon beam, photonic shock wave, scramble sensors, and I've found that only gravity well is 100% reliable as you get chain reactions. If you are running STFs, or fleet events, use the tactical commander and his debuffs to escalate the DPS. More often than not in PVE you win if things die quick, but crowd control and healing won't match the enemies DPS. You've got to knock them down...


fighters are funny. When they attack a target they just circle it and shoot. Not so hot for effective, concentrated fire. To maximize their damage, constantly replenish them. Reason is, once out from launch bays the fighters immediately start firing at the target and launch their torpedoes. That means 6 more beams and 6 more torpedoes are hitting the shield face that's closest to you, instead of just randomly flying around. Helps damage spikes.

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08-09-2012, 05:30 PM
Off topic, but I feel like STO would be improved by increasing the amount of boss ships and decreasing the amount of fodder ships. Ever fleet alert it seems we kill off about a hundred ships, averaging 900 crew each ship, that's 90,000+ dead Orion's plus all that material gone. I highly doubt that the Orion syndicate would keep sending their fleets, nor do they have an endless supply of material...
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08-09-2012, 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by rahadamanth View Post
An issue that you are going to have with a science commander is a lack of DPS spikes. It can do DPS, sure but the tactical commander improves debuff and damage spike ability.


I have tried numerous combinations of BOF Skills and weapon loadouts with the Recluse on my TAC captain and settled on the following build for STF's and FE's:

Comm Univ - Tac - TT1, CSV1, CRF2, APB3
Ens Tac - TS1
LT Comm Eng - EPTS1, RSP1, EPTS3
LT Comm Sci - HE1, FBP1, GW1
Ens Sci - TB1


Front - 2 Cannons (Phased Tet - MK XII acc x2), Quantum Torp (MK XII borg)
Aft - 3 Turrets (Phased Tet - Mk XI acc crth)


Eng - Neutronium, Tholian Grid, Borg Console, Subspace Jump
Sci - Field Generator x2, Particle Generator x2
Tac - Tetryon consoles x2

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