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# 1 Dear Cryptic/PW Devs
08-08-2012, 04:37 PM
(not for myself, but for all those here that have brought up this kind of issue and have gotten no help at all. sorry about spelling, english isent my best language)

Hey there.

I'm not sure who to make this point to, but, seems like alot of people are losing items they have bought from the C/Z-Store. And I am wondering why no one is answering thier plees for help, I just ask for an answer or even acknowlagement of a problem with the store.

We pay hard earned money to get these ships, skins, consoles, clothes, and many, MANY other items to further our enjoyment of the game. And I do think that the Items added to the store are nicely done.

But when the store begines to stop offing the items we bought, and wont allow us to get what we paied for when they go missing, why wont you help us? you need to look into this problem because its not going away, and i would be very cross with you guys if you continue to let it go on.

In a related note, Why are we not givin recipts for what we buy, why are these not tracked in your system to assist us with these issues? All i ask no... I beg you guys to pay it more attention. this is real money we are spending, we are owed that which we payed for are we not?

~With all Respect intended.


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08-08-2012, 04:45 PM
Can you post an example of what you think you've purchased that you don't have access to? They might just be moved and you're not looking in the right place. Give us some examples so that, maybe, we can help you find these items.

Also, if you have tech issues you should file an in-game Support Ticket and post in the Tech forum. The Devs don't frequent this section of the forum often so posting about problems here won't get you much official help.

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