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I haven't got access to a tier 2 Industrial Fabricator atm so I can only presume that the only quad cannons that exist in game are the disruptor and phasers from the c-store ships, if so could we please have advanced and elite versions too?

A really like the look of the quad phasers on my Defiant but you have to add other types to the ship which makes it look like a mishmash of effects, a solution could either be as requested many times before change the effects so that its either a console or if you have the quads equipped all frontal cannons are quad.

Alternatively my suggestion is allow those that have unlocked the quads in from the c-store to purchase advanced and elite versions, but allow all 3 to be equipped at the same time or Advanced/Elite versions can purchased for a higher dillithium (plus unlock by having the c-store purchase of the refits) i.e. 3x Advanced Quad Phaser Cannons, plus a torpedo on the ships forward weapons.

This should also encourage sales of the Tactical Escort and Norgh Bird-of-Prey Refits giving a good reason for Cryptic to do so, plus a good reason for fleets to look forward to having the tier 2 and tier 5 Industrial Fabricator projects completed.

So go on Cryptic Studios make us proud to see our quads phasers and disruptors firing without other types showing at the same time
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08-09-2012, 07:52 AM
An alternative is to allow a duty assignment or crafting option to change them from say Phaser to Polaron. This way you still need to spend the money to get them (C-Store ships), but you can have all types by just spending some resources to convert/change them.
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