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I have been playing STO since beta and one of the most frustrating things in the game for me is the repetitiveness/ limitation of the equipment, weapons and kits.

Here is something I would like to see added to the game.

  1. Remove all drops of equipment, weapons, etc. from the game. Replace them with chips:

    [Very rare]
    [Ultra rare]
    [Special/ unique]

    Depending on the level of difficulty, the number of chips dropped varies. This could also be affected by special events, etc.

  2. Players could then use these chips similar to crafting, where they could either just TRADE in xNum chips for "generic" equipment like we see through the crafting window and already from dilithium stores, etc. Players could have a decision in what they want to purchase.

  3. Players could also augment chips through "special projects" using doffs, and "research assignments" at Memory Alpha or Qo'noS, to unlock "specialized" equipment.

    Depending on the critical success of the assignment 1 - 3 slots get unlocked on that set item.

    Using additional chips, players could further enhance/ augment that piece of weapon or equipment to their own specification.

    E.g. a player has unlocked a MK XI Phaser Array. Troubled by the advent of new mine technology LOL (rp!), using some of his chips he decides that he would like to research "scatter beam potential" (Made that up). If he is successful, that one beam has a small possibility (depending of the critical success of the completely assignment) of splitting into 3 smaller concentrated FAW's very effective against mines.
    ** Note: Sounds familiar? Well it should be! The doff missions already have the code for this, all it needs is to expanded to its full potential!

Through this, you give the player something of an return on their INVESTMENT in the game, and old tedious missions that are not worth running again become something worth playing!!!

I would love to hear some of the communities thought on this

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