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I recently snagged a tactical Odyssey cruiser - the benefits for it were too much for me to pass up.

Before it, I had been flying an escort that was equipped solely with cannons (including turrets on the back) and would chew through things quite quickly, believe it or not.

Now, however, I need to change up my playstyle, obviously. It's a slow beast, and takes its time turning, so it negates trying to cannonspam, of course. Can anyone recommend me a proper equipment setup for it? (What weapons fore, aft, shields, et-cetera)

Just some advice is needed, that's all. Otherwise, thanks in advance!
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08-09-2012, 08:28 AM
Im planning on buying a tac oddy or maybe the new assault cruiser refit if its got decent boff slots.

This is my plan for a broadsiding beam boat for when my Tac Captain gets bored of flying escourts:

Boffs (all efficient)
Tac Lieutenant - tac team I, beam FAW II
(TAC) Universtal Lieutenant Commander - tac team I, attack pattern beta I,Beam overload III
Engy Commander - engy team I, reverse polarity II, eject plasma II, directed energy mod III.
(Engy) universal ensign - Power to weapons I
Sci Lieutenant - polarize hull I, hazard emmiters II

Fore weapons
Dual Disruptor Beam Banks MK XII, 2* Disruptor Beam Array MK XII, Photon torp MK XII.
Aft weapons
3* Disruptor Beam Array MK XII, Photon torp MK XII

Tac console - 3* Disruptor Induction Coil
Engy console -Ablative Hull Armor , Neutronium Alloy, Tetraburnium Hull Armor , EPS Flow Regulator
Sci console - 3 * Field Generator ???

MACO Shield, MACO Deflector, Borg Assimulated Engine.

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08-09-2012, 08:33 AM
Ya I would recommend getting your hands on an operation odessey.. the turning and general Maneuverability go WAY up once you seperate the saucer section..
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08-09-2012, 08:44 AM
Well an all turret or turret/cannon Oddy could work (a fleetmate of mine built one), but I would leave that for an advanced player.

I would say that the normal loadout should be the boring six arrays and two torpedoes balanced fore and aft. You can install a dual beam bank forward for some increased firepower in STF situations.

For the defense systems I would recommend the MACO or a Hybrid MACO/Borg or MACO/Aegis set.
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08-09-2012, 09:17 AM
I run the Tac Oddy on my Engineer from time to time and it's a great beam boat, however you don't get much benefit from the torpedoes since the damn thing turns like a space barge. Honestly I think it turns worse than the Gal-X, at least it feels that way. I would suggest a full beam loadout, with a DBB in front instead of the torpedo launcher. If you are set on using torpedoes than mount one aft and keep a DBB in front instead. You'll have to manage your weapon power with so many beams, but that is really the best set up for this ship.

If you are set on using a cruiser you may want to check out the Heavy Advanced Re-Fit(Excelsior). While it only has one Lt. Cmdr TAC station, it turns on a dime(compared to other cruisers) and you can take more advantage of your torpedo skills with it.
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08-09-2012, 09:10 PM
Running a tac oddy and it does fine with torpedoes - remember you have fore and aft tubes and you just need to unmask the tubes every 15 seconds. A 3 round quantum HY2 salvo can and will do tremendous spike damage at maximum range with Attack Pattern Beta 2 on the LTC Tac.

Bear in mind using the LTC Tac on it makes it a very squishy ship in PvP so I highly recommend the Borg set for increased survivability.

For PvE and STFs I use the following build: -

Ltc Universal: Tactical

Lt. Tactical:
TT1 (+ 2 blue conn officers) BO2

Commander Engineering

Self heals supported by Shield Distribution Officer doff to allow Brace for Impact to regenerate shields.

Lt. Science
ST & TSS - indispensable to support tanking engineering powers

Lt. Ensign: Science
PH1 - for STFs

I run the above ship on a science toon and he also has Sensor Officer to debuff enemy weapon damage and damage resistance, and the distortion field is also useful for a team and self shield buff.

Note: Boff powers may not be 100% exact as I don't have access to the game ATM.

Weapons loadout

5x BA
1x DBB
2x Quantum launchers

Attack plan: Use standard 'fast and high' Starfleet cruiser doctrine, circling to unmask phaser and torpedo arcs. Unlike popular notion you do not need high turnrate on a cruiser, just a high straight line speed to dominate the tactical situation.

Remember, the faster you go in these simple "flying on rails" type games, the faster you traverse round the arc of a circle. Rely on prepositioning to get around the fact you can't change direction fast - but you have evasive maneuvers to help you in the occasional rapid U-turn too.

I use the DBB for the fact that a DBB BO2 + APB2 does an interestingly high amount of spike damage especially combined with a science debuff on target.

RE: Cannon build

Can be done for a blockade role in STFs, why not? Problem is single cannons seem to do poorly at long range damage, while phaser beam arrays can do something like 1200 damage per hit at range 9.99 at least on fleetmates' and my cruiser builds. That's why I use HY2, beams and APB to optimize performance in the classical TNG cruiser role.
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