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08-23-2012, 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
Transtation - The STO engine was updated to the current stable NeverWinter code branch, and that branch had the new NeverWinter interact graphic; so STO inheirited it. It's fixable, but with such an ambitious and overloaded STO development schedule that we're on now, it's low priority,
I'm not a betting man but if i where then THIS is what i'd stick my money on!
Personally i hate the stupid effect we have now, it looks awful.
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08-23-2012, 08:27 AM
They're ugly and a needless change. By far the worst change I've seen since i started playing. And they don't even work in some instances. For example, small panels like the ones by the cells in Skirmish or Cold Comfort are impossible to see unless you are up close or at just the right angle. It's annoying. Put that fire out ffs.
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08-24-2012, 03:44 AM
Admiral's Log:

The consoles continue to burn throughout the ship, and nothing we have done to eliminate the problem has succeeded. Today's events have given me cause to wonder if things aren't worse than we could have imagined.

At 1423 today, five Borg Cubes dropped out of warp directly on top of us. We didn't even have time to raise our shields before a tractor beam was established. True to form, the Borg sent a scout over to investigate our Engineering section. However, when it scanned the burning Mains console, it stopped and immediately beamed back. The Borg had been in the middle of their standard 'Resistance is Futile' speech, but cut off in mid-sentence the moment the scout returned. The tractor released us and the Cubes went to warp within seconds of this. I have viewed the Borg scout's brief visit to our ship, and I don't believe I have ever seen the expression of absolute horror and fear I glimpse on it's face when it scanned the console.

At 1820, while we were still getting over our narrow escape, I received a report that the Xerox has collided with an asteroid outpost they were supposed to be moving to assist. According to transcripts from the Bridge, the Helmsman became confused by the flames erupting from one of the Outpost's hatches that he was supposed to dock to, and 'froze at the wheel'. What -is- it with that ship?

At 1850, Exeter reports that her mission to investigate the silence of the Epsilon Eight listening post on the border zone has failed. Upon beaming over to the station, they found the entire facility staff has vanished, though everything appears intact. An explaination most likely resides in several of the workstation systems throughout the facility, but all of these had even larger versions of the 'flaming' effect, and the away team leader chose not to risk anyone to find out if these were a type that could cause true harm. They are currently assessing if an automated probe can be used to access the information.

At 2006, Queller sent an inquiry asking about their plan to build containment boxes around the affected consoles. I am hesitant to move forward with this plan, as it involves several types of alloys I frankly have never heard of, and which do not, to my knowledge, exist. When I asked about them, their Chief Engineer sneared at my ignorance and claimed he would '..show all those fools!! My invention -WILL- work!!' before closing the channel in my face! I will have to speak to their Medical Officer to see if the Engineer is as unstable as the condition of his uniform and the maniac gleem I think I saw in his eyes suggests.

I have finally received a reply from Starfleet in regards to my requests for assistance. However, the reply was a simple statement that the recent systems upgrades that seem to have been the catalyst for this situation were necessary measures to prevent other, serious problems with the food replicator menues, and would remain in place until further notice. This was not the reply I and others had hoped for, but no doubt it reassured some that at least our troubles were not without reason. We will continue our own efforts to end this potentially catastrophic 'effect', and I intend to send this log off with all dispatch in the hope it reaches Command.

As soon as I can bring myself to enter my burning Ready Room.

End Recording.

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Admiral's Log:

Our ongoing problem with consoles that appear to be radiating a form of thermal radiation have taken a tragic turn today. At 1047, the Xerox reported her Science Officer had somehow become 'ignited' with the same radiation he was attempting to analyze. Commander Durik'sla immediately isolated him in Sick Bay, where he is reportedly insisting there is nothing wrong with him. While his staff are enjoying the chance to run the Science Officer through as many tests as they can, it seems likely that the man will be locked away from all contact until we can determine a way to halt this phenomena. The only bright spot seems to be that he does not require a light to read while in the isolation chamber's bed.

Other ships have had continuing problems with this...effect.

The Forge has managed to restore gravity, but Captain Jostin may have taken her corrective measures too far. Reportedly, the entire crew is being ordered to view the entire thirty-four hours of fire safety and prevention holos in the ship's library in a single viewing, with Security teams guarding the doors to the Briefing Rooms. Medical personel have been instructed to provide stimulants to keep the crew awake thoughout the entire presentation (they themselves are subject to these orders as well) and riot-control energy prods have been issued to the Instructors with orders to use them liberally in the event of a nod-off. I can't fault Jostin's dilligence in attempting to correct a perceived fault in her ship, but I'll have to look up Starfleet regulations on shipboard conduct before I ask if she's lost her mind.

Unfortunately, I don't have to do so for Hermitage's Assistant Engineer. Locking the doors to Engineering, inserting a random number generator into the gravity regulators, and singing some song about 'Kath-something' into the shipwide intercom will, I am confident, qualify as mental breakdown in any Board of Inquiry Starfleet might wish to convene on the issue. By the time they managed to break in and sedate him with extreme prejudice, he'd rewired the main Engineering controls to function as a pipe organ and donned some sort of cape he'd fashioned from the emergency kit. I can only hope the damage to his mind can be repaired, as only he knows exactly how to unwire them without causing an overload in the impulse engines. For now, Hermitage will have to remain at dead stop until either he recovers, or the tugs arrive.

The situation on my own flagship is little better. We've tried to bypass functions away from the affected consoles, but apparently the effect is tied into that as well as the replacement data terminals ignited with the same radiation when they were brought online. I'm beginning to give serious thoughts to Yur'Fi's suggestion that this is all an illusion placed into our collective minds by an alien race to test how we will react before making First Contact with us. However, her suggestion that the entire crew become intoxicated to test this theory is suspect, in my opinion, and I find I am not ready to implement such a plan yet.

With no further word from Starfleet, we have no choice but to continue to seek a solution to this test of our determination to boldly go where no man has....no, no. I can't hide behind Starfleet's motos and brave declarations. We're in trouble, and I can only imagine what might be happening in other Fleets across space.

End Recording.

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Admiral's Log:

It is now more than three weeks since the upgrades to our systems that caused the mysterious radiation that continues to burn in and on our consoles. There is still no word from Starfleet since the last cryptic communication, and our crews are starting to fray at the edges. My Medical Officer was seen attempting to perform some sort of ritual over one of the fires, muttering incomprehensible words while gesturing in a way that unsettled the crew who were in Sick Bay at the time. I had to order Security to confine her to quarters until we can get a qualified psychologist from one of the other ships in the fleet to evaluate her. I am still awaiting the labratory test results I ordered to determine if she had ingested any Romulan Ale I hadn't managed to find. I hope that turns out to be the explanation.

On Zenith, First Officer K'Solik went berzerk and attacked the flames with his Honor Blade. I don't know what the Klingon thought he was doing, but the three-bladed knife went right through the 'fire' and shorted out the main intercom and messaging system. I understand the command crew were using communicators to relay orders throughout the ship, and any visual diagrams had to be sent via courier. K'Solik was one of the first 'packages' to be delivered to Sickbay in this manner, but I am given to believe he will make a recovery from the burns he received.

Queller's Chief Engineer tried to take control of the science vessel when the Captain refused his plan to convert the radiation into a harmless rain shower by use of his 'uberreplicatorrearrangerthing'. When asked if the device could be studied by the other Engineers aboard, he became very nervous and angry, and pulled a remote control device from his uniform pocket. Declaring that he was going to free the computers aboard from their slavery to Humans, he depressed a small button on the remote, pointing it at the main viewscreen on the Bridge. Perhaps if he hadn't forgotten to provide for a power source when he built the remote, it would have done something. As it is, he is now under sedation and heavy guard. I can only surmise that the stress of the past weeks finally broke the man, as he always seemed a dependable Officer in past fitreps.

A Ferengi merchantman came alongside and tried to sell us their own irradiating consoles to our Engineers. When we tried to explain that we were trying to eliminate the problems with our own equipment, the Ferengi captain insisted that his consoles could hold the key to solving the mystery. Knowing Ferengi, I had the Exeter meet with them to investigate the possibility. However, as expected, the merchant was simply invoking the Nine-Hundred-Fifty-Eighth-And-One-Quarter Rule Of Aquisition: 'You don't have to tell the Customer what they don't need to know if you can get their Latinum first'. I'll have to look up the latest volume of the Rules of Aquisition to see if they actually have nine hundred fifty eight Rules, but by this time, I don't doubt they might. He was sent on his way with a stern warning not to attempt to deceive Starfleet Officers by igniting spare junk in the cargo bay with common flammible compounds.

I am transmitting the logs of my Fleet to Starfleet again, in the hopes they somehow make it to HQ. I cannot believe Command would have left this go on for so long if the reports I had previously sent had arrived correctly. My fleet is falling apart, and unless a solution is found soon, I fear the unthinkable may occur. There hasn't been a mutiny in Starfleet since that Kirk incident almost a century ago, and I -will not- allow another on my watch!

End Recording.

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09-03-2012, 11:22 PM
Ive been trying like heck to put the fires out on these consoles with my fire extingusher but so far no dice.
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Please, Cryptic, remove those horrible flames or at least make them optional. If I can disable them in the options that would be enough. If it has to be, make them flash, so they are only visible for certain periods of time.

Reason is, my main occupation in STO is making screenshots and it is practically impossible to make a decent screenshot in an area where interactive objects are located. The ready room is polluted and unusable already and I also can't use the starbase's room where the officer of the watch is located because it is on fire.

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Indeed, cannot believe these are still here after all the complaints.

Cryptic please give us a date when these will be removed.

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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
Indeed, cannot believe these are still here after all the complaints.

Cryptic please give us a date when these will be removed.
Well if you take a close look, it's becoming more and more appearent that Cryptic is willing sacrifice player-satisfaction over simplification.

I can bet you, there wont be a date, and I am pretty sure we are stuck with this horrible excuse for interaction display.

We had the same problem with a similar change a few months before F2P... That then turned into what we have now.
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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
Indeed, cannot believe these are still here after all the complaints.

Cryptic please give us a date when these will be removed.
All the complaints? There's not that many people complaining and many people, myself included, LIKE the change!!!

I can understand why some peeps dislike them. It might be a good thing to have an option for turning them off, but in many situations they GREATLY improve the visibility of things I want to find. And that is good!

I can haz joystick!
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