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# 1 AP:B or B:O for STFs
08-13-2012, 11:05 AM
I need some advice, please.

I've got a patrol escort with the quad cannons, 2 DHCs, and one single cannon for the 180 degree arc; all phaser. Right now, I have Tac Team, C:RF 1&2, and AP:O 3 on the Cmdr Tac. I won't be changing him.

The Lt. Cmdr is where I'm having an indecisive moment on how to boost damage. Should I use:

a boff with Tac Team and 2 copies of Attack Pattern: Beta (2 & 3)
get a DBB and Tac Team, Beam Target Shields 2, and Beam Overload 3

For STFs and PVE purposes only, which would lead to better sustained damage?

I've already tried out the AP:Beta boff, and it's a great amount of damage, but such a pain when the AP:B and C:RF cooldowns don't line up just right.

I want someone else's opinion before I shell out EC for a DBB that I may or may not use.
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08-13-2012, 12:56 PM
Beta is better mainly for two things. 1-Having 2 betas means more up time. 2-Beta affects the enemy in general, meaning that everyone on the team can take advantage of the lower hull resists. Throwing beta on a gateway is great because the entire group just got -20+ hull resist on their target.

Target shields is not very useful anyways (Lots of STF targets don't have shields) and on an escort BO is even worse. BO siphons 50 power from your weapons power, making your cannons not hit nearly as hard. If you're going an all cannon build, I'd suggest sticking with Beta. If you want something in the LTC tac slot, go with TS3 or HY3, remove the single cannon with 180 degree arc, and throw in a quantum (1 less single cannon siphoning 8 weapon power off allows for the quad and DHCs to hit a little harder to make up for the damage lost from that single cannon).

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