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truthfully most of us out there enjoy meeting up with others and want people to know when they are on.

but sometimes, when you are REALLY busy, perhaps your one of those with 9-17 characters and are starting you doff missions for the day on all your toons and suddenly, one of the more demanding (but friendly faces) on your list needs something NOW, you don't want to be mean, and would help later, but would rather you HAD the option to show your HANDLE online LATER and wait till your playing the toon you will be playing that day before showing this.

possible solution

#1 server "first flag" to do a check weather the person has this setting enabled, if true, the person would NOT show online in the friends window OR fleet roster.

#2 server "first flag" to have 2 options for both friends, AND fleet to see your online status, if true then they can see you, if not, then NO.

why this feature can help others

in STO, i see WAY to many soloists, know QUITE a few and they are alright, but instead of being the person to say, "your ether a soloist or i delete you", why not give players this option so that is it NOT in anyway this case, i am a soloist also, but there are times i LOVE helping and am SUPER BUSY BEES and MUST say i am busy, issue is when the other person has an issue with that.

Truly, i don't believe in Hate Trek Online, but i truly believe this option can help everyone who does NOT want others to feel someone is to busy to help with something atm, i can spend 2 hours setting up my doff missions myself on my alts before "playing" my choice Character of the day, first Instant Message comes 10 minutes upon login ...

if you feel the same way, or have anything to add in this area for this kind of request, please add your comments below

P.S. Thank you for reading

Beta Yuya
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08-11-2012, 03:06 AM
Type in chat /hide or go to your privacy options and set yourself to appear as offline, you can set it up so that you show as online only to your friendslist if you want, this will hide you from searches.

You'll have to do this on every character you want to appear like this.
There is a problem with this, when you log in to the character selection screen it will send a message to all of your friends that you logged on but when you select a character that's hidden it will tell them you logged off. People are still able to send you a pm but most of them won't bother if it says you're offline. Also, I haven't checked this but I think you will appear as online on the fleet roster...

Still it helps with folks who are only on your friendslist...

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08-11-2012, 03:25 AM
true, but that backs that login and posting your online status is first process then, but if this feature was first process, that massage would have to check it by an if{} check before continuing in to post that massage, meanin g one of to possible things to make this a possibility

#1 it would automaticly run this check on option change via Apply or OK to the post process

#2 could be "work arounded" to "post" the process by relogging and presto, it knows upon login to show or not show your status and treat all messages and all as OFFLINE if you have indeed selected the option.

if you know what i meen below, then yes this is what they would kinda have to do here

would code wise read something like this (JS style basic)

function onlinestat
if (showfriends==true)
if (showfleet==true)

function restOfTheLoadingProcess

function login

state default()

but logging in looks like this to me, i can tell all to well what is processing here, but i hope this can help and possibly this feature can come about, again ty for reading

yours truly
Beta Yuya

Edit: 6:37 AM STO time
(did the /hide function and was able to be Instant messaged and spotted as being online, proves i am "now NOT set as private" and this cosmetic is not a real hide online status by any means)

the function is non existant

not to mention switching characters seems to "banner spam" your friends screen anyway every time you switch ... why? :S
(can disable "Friend" login messages on your chat bar options, for you. only ... :S)

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