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08-11-2012, 11:18 AM
I'm just hoping Season 7 makes it out before December 21st..
the date of the iconian invasion
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08-11-2012, 01:26 PM
When do you plan on handing out things like, say:

The Fleet tribble? The award Doff from Tribble Test Weekend?

My guess is during the Season 7 Tribble Test Weekend, right?

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08-11-2012, 02:01 PM
Dstahl: We pay very close attention to the amount of Dilithium in the economy and how much Dilithium is acquired on a daily basis. For example, the average amount of Dilithium earned per day per player has been steadily increasing day over day since Season 6 released, without us adding Dilithium to any new mission rewards.

We use this data as a way to determine how much Dilithium is needed in the economy at any given moment to help balance systems that depend on it such as the Fleet Advancement system. If we get to a point where the amount of Dilithium earned per player falls below expected levels, we will start adding new ways to earn it.

If you are having trouble earning Dilithiumy<snip>

oooooh my GOD!


ok Zero breathe.... BREATHE... stay constructive... don't go all rage mode now!

#1 i am PRO at earning dilithium,
i could write a better Blog than that

#2 you say i need to earn LESS dilithium to get more dilithium missions.


right here!

Dilithium was advertised as a TIME BASED currency,
i spend TIME i earn dilithium -> Zen
i spend MONEY i buy Zen -> dilithium

that was the deal!


man you screwed that completely up.

There are a few very specific and EASY ways to earn LOTS of dilithium FAST.

If we took them out right now, we could crash the whole dilithium market!

and that is exactly the problem.

There are a few easy and fast ways, but there are only a few things in the game that reward a constant stream of dilithium for spend TIME.


STFs take a certain amount of playtime, and reward a certain amount of dil.

- it's a 3/3 daily wrapper mission
- it does not take TIME into consideration, just completion.
- you can play 5 hours or 2 seconds a day you get 1440
- there is no way to play for 2+ hours and get your 8000 just by foundry (but you can play 2 hours STFs and have your 8000).

and so on...
you can not play PvP for hours and get your 8000
you can not play Kerrat for hours and get your 8000
you can not play the NEW Fleet content for dilithium at all
Nukara is a joke in terms of dilithium per time
Shuttle Event... NO DIL

i am FORCED into exploiting the foundry to get any decent dilithium numbers.
i am FORCED to grind contraband on my klingon characters and do the Contraband Turn in every time it's possible....

this is NOT how i wanted to play STO!

i want to enjoy my playtime and i want to get fair rewards for it.

i want that EVERYBODY gets rewarded fairly, no matter if they love the Foundry missions or if the PvP all day or if they are STF runners or Fleet players.

the whole dilithium economy in my eyes is FAIL and your answer Mr. dStahl was even more FAIL because you only look at numbers and statistics but ignore the BASIC GAME DESIGN behind it all.

I will keep farming my 8000 / day / char,
until you finally deliver the TIME BASED currency that was advertised by Cryptic on STOked and everywhere else when F2P was in the making.

And so will all the other Dilithium Junkies out there.

And your numbers will not change.

Those numbers will not go down unless you plug the holes, but then the whole game economy may CRASH... and only recover if you reward ALL content as it would be expected.

PLEASE get your GAME DESIGNER hat on, reward fair dilithium / time for everything first, and THEN plug the farming options.

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08-11-2012, 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
Two solutions:

1. Make that particular Lobi character bound. (Im sure its possible.)

2. Get rid of that one lobi all together and stop offering free ones in FE reruns. (For account bound Lobi Id be ok with this.)
I smell... Selfishness. Let those who don't buy lockboxes enjoying their free lobies, and use your brain next time you open a lockbox. Do this on ONE character only, most of the stuff offered in the lobi store isn't bound on pickup anyway. So why are you still crying for that? Play smart and leave the other players alone with your lobies we don't care about.
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08-11-2012, 02:34 PM
my question is why is it that we can only get honest strait answers that come to fruition from the great ship artists?

The rest of the team has fallen off the map, and we only seem to get half truths a majority of the time since PWE has been involved?

Nothing is mentioned that the community would protest in advance to prevent it coming to fruition in game (such as charging for fleet ship modules that by dstahls own admission in ask cryptic that season updates and content was to be without cost. thus contradicting what has been told to the community since the beginning and up until ask cryptic that was just previous to season 6 launch. )

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08-11-2012, 02:46 PM


*dont feed the troll*

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That said, most items purchased through the Lobi store are tradable. If we remove the option for each character to earn free Lobi, then we could consider making Lobi account bound. The conflict is that players are continually asking for ways to earn free Lobi.
"most" is insufficient

the Ferengi LockBox-Lobi Store had a Item Set that was Bound on Pickup per Character.

option 1:
i start opening LockBoxes on my ... *shrug* Tellarite Captain.
on my 150th box i get a D'Kora an decide to make a new FERENGI Character for that ship -> ZONK, i have 300 bound Lobi on the wrong character.

ok. i am intelligent and see this comming

option 2:
i start a Ferengi Character, open 500 LockBoxes on him... and DON'T get a D'Kora ...awesome now i have a useless Ferengi Char that i don't want to play, with hundreds of BOUND Lobi and can NOT use the same Set Items that, are at least somewhat cool on their own with my Tellarite Character... bound... all is bound!

-> LOBI has to be account wide currency.
-> or everything in the LOBI store has to be Bound to Account on Equip
(and clothing options should be account wide anyway, i love collecting clothing options, but i won't spend 11 times as much $ on my ever growing ALT Army as any other single char player...) i said before, please put your GAME DESIGN hat on and think this stuff through.

You are only shooting yourself in the foot here because with these uncertain outcomes i will just not open any boxes at all.

and for the Tholian Lobi Store i will just show you this:

so i have lots of LOBI on my Ferengi left over from last time, want the Sword on my Trill or whatever...

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Q: (asdfjkadfjkasf) Is there ever going to be a TNG skant uniform? And if so, would it be unisex like the one in the show?

Dstahl: It almost happened for the TNG 25th anniversary, but we ended up doing the Season 1 uniform instead. If and when the skant arrives, it will be unisex.
Hello... the Skants are also season 1 uniforms. And you only gave us the top as we already had the season one pants (as it is the same trousers they used later).
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Originally Posted by cavicante1965 View Post
Why was i forcefully disconnected I as Vanessa Rozhenko HAVE A PARTY AT DS-9 to go to at 9pm eastern tonight it's even posted on the dleet update on Starfleet UFP Special Alliance. The party is being hosted by OMEGA ARMADA you people at cryptic/perfect world need to get a grip and why can'nt my other toon dance at drozana and pick up on women , the asses in the control room are total flakes totally afraid to ban Starfleet dental for a lifetime for thier continueing antic's by harrassing player's at drozana with fire extinguishers banning me are going to get certain player's curious and i'm going to say on fleet chat on monday that i was banned for no reason at all by the flaky ass control freak's at cryptic/perfect world believe that..
Wrong thread to be posting on! Try Costumer Support.

How do I report posts in this new forum setup?
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# 100 Could it be possible?
08-11-2012, 03:35 PM
I was wondering if it could be possible for people to create a star ship of their own besides the store ones and the current ones given at leveling. I am asking this due to the fact that it can be limited to rules within the star trek universe and that every ship out there is cookie cutter but sometimes allowing a variant to be created along the same lines as the original ship of the class is possible it would be unique to the person creating it.

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