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Originally Posted by cavicante1965 View Post
My character is ambassador/vice admiral Vanessa Rozhenko grand daughter of worf which means i out rank you , cryptic/perfect world know's it as long as i'm not putting any hate speech on this forum you can also take a stfu ok i've been on sto since last september of 2011 and they do know my ip addrees CRAP all of these little whiny babies and most of them are not trekkie or trekkers and possibly never seen the show's and the movies but i seen them all ..
In-game ranks have no power here. And I've been here since Open Beta, have seen all the Trek films, watched every episode of TOS, half the TNG episodes, practically all the DS9 and ENT episodes, and about a quarter (at least) of the VOY episodes. The only reason I don't have all of them is money constraints.

And, again, wrong thread! You want Cryptic to unban you? Appeal the ban in Customer Support. Stop hassling people wanting to talk about a Dev update.

Plus, it's "shows" not "show's".
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Originally Posted by leoclark View Post
I was wondering if it could be possible for people to create a star ship of their own besides the store ones and the current ones given at leveling. I am asking this due to the fact that it can be limited to rules within the star trek universe and that every ship out there is cookie cutter but sometimes allowing a variant to be created along the same lines as the original ship of the class is possible it would be unique to the person creating it.
That would be cool, considering the limits of the ship tailor. But, I don't think Cryptic has the resources to do that.
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Q: (captainmarshal) When will we be able to fight Tholians in space? I?ve fought them in space on Tribble, but I haven?t seen them in space yet on Holodeck.

Dstahl: Tholians will start showing up when the Starbase you are defending is big enough to draw their interest. When you queue up for a public event, the queue chooses a Starbase to defend at random from one of the people in the queue. In private queues, the Starbase is the queue owner?s Starbase.
I think a good question for next month's AC would be if we would be getting space missions where the Tholians are the sole aggressors, something seperate from the FAs. Maybe even a new Featured Series.
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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
The STO timeline/Stardate changes as you play. At level 1 there is a big war, but as you play you're slowly affecting that war. You earn some trust with the KDF through the Missions. For example, you eventually get rid of B'vat and by the time you reach VA, at a much later Stardate then when you started, the Feds and KDF are far more cordial toward each other. They're working together to deal with Borg, Iconians, and Undine. So yes, the story does advance as you play.

So it's not about needing to get rid of the war. It's just about understanding that by the time you get to VA the war is coming to a close through your actions.
Yeah. I think the way it's setup currently, the existing batch of missions end with us pretty much in December of 2409.

Would be nice to roll that calendar forward.

There might be a chance if the Nexus comes around in 2410 and the new sector block is the region of space with the Nexus in it. Since missions only take place "once," we could conceivably have a Nexus mission in the new block.
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Originally Posted by mattachine View Post
Hello... the Skants are also season 1 uniforms. And you only gave us the top as we already had the season one pants (as it is the same trousers they used later).
I always make a point of correcting this:

The S1 pants had department color piping on the pant legs.

And if the character artist ever does see fit to add that, I'd strongly suggest they use the DS9 Admiral pants as the template since they mesh better with the S1 top than the standard TNG pants to, emphasizing the center seam and making it look more authentically like a one piece.
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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
Dstahl: We pay very close attention to the amount of Dilithium in the economy and how much Dilithium is acquired on a daily basis. For example, the average amount of Dilithium earned per day per player has been steadily increasing day over day since Season 6 released, without us adding Dilithium to any new mission rewards.
I liked this month's article a lot. However, this piece I don't see as a valid assessment. My little fleet did indeed grind a lot of dilithium to work on our starbase, because there are things we wanted to add. We did not enjoy it and I've noticed that the flow has tapered off dramatically.

We did the grinding because there is no other way to accomplish anything with starbases. It's boring. I'd far rather play mission content than grind the same handful of dilithium/fleet mark missions.

The only point I'm trying to make is don't assume that becauses numbers crunch that it is all good. When you back players into corners and only give them limited grinds to accomplish certain things, of course the numbers are going to support the idea. There's no other ways for players to do it. It doesn't mean they enjoy it.

Adding dilithium and such to missions will make it more fun for more players. For me personally, while I enjoy some of the new fleet mark missions, I can only do them so many times in a row before I wear out on them. Variety is good. So is immersion.
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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post

and so on...
you can not play PvP for hours and get your 8000


Actually you can. Play red. It doesn't even take hours.
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Originally Posted by palpha2clearance View Post
my question is why is it that we can only get honest strait answers that come to fruition from the great ship artists?

The rest of the team has fallen off the map, and we only seem to get half truths a majority of the time since PWE has been involved?
So, glad to know I wasn't the only one thinking that...
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My question is we will ever see DS9 under Siege! If not will there be a other way to get the DS9 trophy?
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Yep, artful dodging of my questions.

Incidentally, what's odyssey47's in-game name, so that I can put him on ignore? Whilst I'm in a 70+ person fleet myself making good progress with the SB, I just don't like the guy.

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots

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