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# 1 That Long Queue Wait
08-12-2012, 11:30 AM
I finally figured out why there's been that wait when joining a STF queue. What the server is doing is searching for a failed STF to place you in. It searches and searches and if it just can't find a failed match to throw you into, then it will start a new one.

Of the last 8 STFs I joined 3 times I was placed in ones that were already in play and well on their way to failure. The last, I was in a queue for ISE with 11 others, so I figured it was safe to hit the join button. (If you are the only one in queue, DO NOT join the first match it throws at you) I warp in to find (surprise) a match in progress.

The best part, there was only ONE PLAYER who had not bailed on what looked like a disaster of an effort. I quit the game. I wasn't going to be penalized for this cluster fun. 5 minutes later, I log back in and am taken back there, where it is now just me. WHY is this instance still running with no one in it? Quit. (Because even if you are the ONLY ONE THERE, you still get the leaver penalty) Log back in 10 minutes after that, and mercifully it finally shut down that match.

WHY out of 11 players, was I the only one placed there?
WHY can I not specifically join a NEW STF?
WHY is there a "Join Existing" option, if you are going to be thrown into one, no matter what you pick?
WHY is there a leaver penalty, IF YOU ARE THE ONLY PLAYER? (Punishment for not giving it the old college try?)
WHY didn't I buy some ice cream when I was at the store? All this virtual yelling is hard on the throat.

EDIT: So, had me a little lunch and relaxed. Then figured, what the hell, get another STF or two in. Sign up and THE FIRST DAMN ONE, match in progress, failure minutes later. There were FOURTEEN (14) people in queue! Why couldn't I play a NEW MATCH!?

Someone needs a kick in the nuts. And it just may be me. Keep spending money here, for some reason.

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# 2
08-12-2012, 06:33 PM
The queues get confused when there's a lot of people doing the PvE matches, and thanks to Fleetbases needing huge amounts of Dilithium, there are a lot more people grinding STFs on top of the people grinding Fleet Marks in Fleet PvE. Season 6 is pushing the queues to the limit, and they're breaking.

If you get stuck in another by yourself, don't quit immediately, as sometimes it will warp you again to a new one shortly after.

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