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08-15-2012, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Had a classic example of this in Starbase Incursion earlier.

A engineering Lt, clearly new to the game, joined the team. Of all the enemies we could have gotten, we wound up with the Borg.

Anyway, didn't think too much of it and carried on with trying to find saboteurs only to find noob shooting at one. Soon became obvious that she A: only had the basic weapons (basic hand phaser and MkI phaser rifle) and B: didn't have a remodulator.

Sent her a PM advising her to equip one. No reply, and she just kept shooting at the saboteur, with no effect. Took the saboteur down with my maco rifle and again asked her to use a frequency remodulator. No reply. Decided to leave her to run off and die, and carried on with the saboteur search. Judging by her status, she spent a lot of time dead!

Didn't encounter her again until round 2, when I died and respawned to find her shooting at Borg in the 'entrance' area - again, with no effect. Advised her to equip a remodulator, and posted it on Team Chat this time, to which a few other players chimed in and told her to do the same. Nothing.

Needless to say, nothing changed and we completed the mission as a four-person team since engineer-noob simply fired her super soaker and then died more times than I could count - although I guess she was more use in respawn oblivion than she was firing her peashooter at the Borg.

Sad really though - she undoubtedly received fleet marks anyway. Although, point is, I didn't bail - neither did anyone else, and whilst we clearly had to 'carry' engineer-noob, we still received our fleet marks.

Sent her a remodulator subsequent to the end of the mission, with an explaination of what it does and why trying to fight the Borg is pointless if you haven't got one.

Seriously though - whilst I don't usually moan and new players in these missions don't usually bother me; Dev's - PLEASE don't send brand-new players into missions that involve the Borg!!

This is ALL too common to the point of garunteed with ANY PUG. Now with new penalty, you have to suffer, waste consumables, time, etc. just to complete it and get LESS credits than you normally would with an equally leveled team.

So instead of getting 42 credits, you walk away with MAYBE 23? Hypothetically, your strabase needed 40 more credits to get a project going, nope need to go run ANOTHER mission to make it taking away time from other things and could last hours because of the noobs.

Of course that is hypothetical but all too common of a scenario to ponder.

Again, they should put all the noobs into a noob grouping and all the experienced into an Elite grouping and give the noobsters a goal to work towards. You did it with the PVE's and aside from requiring us to get certain accolades at noob levels, I would never go back into those and stick with the Elite ones.

Just boggles the mind why the forcing to do it their way or the highway is the only way.
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PS: Sollvax, no need to add your worthless wooden nickel comments.

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wow. Now that's a guy who takes video games too seriously. I can relate to you on the part of the newbies screwing up the STF missions and the leaver penalties. Just recently, I had entered a noob war in the Infected Space Elite mission. Right off the bat, they blew the generators too early and I had to use my deflector repulsors and plasma discharge to push and hold the nanite spheres back and buy the team enough time to take down the transformer. They barely made it. Then while they were wrestling with the spheres, I went over to the other side, positioned myself so the cube couldn't get me, and I knocked each of the generators to 10% mtself. So here I thought this will make things easier for the team. Then here comes the calvalry, throwing every buff and skill they had at the borg cube. After about twenty minutes, the cube went down and they blew all of the generators at the same time. I positioned myself right in between the transformer and the gate, ready to activate my repulsors and plasma. I kept most of the spheres back, but some unavoidably slipped past me. And low and behold, they made it to the transformer and completely repaired it. Then one guy left early, and the now crippled team had to mop up the mess. IT took about an hour to do a fifteen minute mission. So I know how bad newbies can be.

The leaver penalties are too long, I agree; especially if you enter a newbie mission you can't possibly win. I agree, they are too long.

But you really can't blame players who play for free for your misfortunes. The reason cryptic made the game free to play was becasue not everyone wants to pay hundreds of dollars and Eu to play a video game. But when they made it free to play, people would flock to the game and pay money to upgrade their gear and such. The fact that you paid to play (and continue to pay) for the same game others are getting for free is unfortunate, but if you feel so negatively about it, then you can either switch to the free to play mode, or you can just quit playing all together. Your not going to get any of that money back, so stop bellyaching about free players and paying members.

I rather find the free to play as an opportunity. Here you pay hundreds of dollars, and then suddenly the game goes free. That would be my golden ticket to not have to pay hundreds of my money for it anymore. I would be cheering that they had made my life easier, that I will now be saving that money I would have spent on a game subscription and STILL get to play the game. I know you feel missed out on or ripped off, but that's life. Cryptic is trying to make their products more available and attractive to the world. So don't blame cryptic for making their games better for everyone, stop blaming free to play members for all your misfortunes in the game, and start enjoying what you got. You should be thankful you were even able to play the game at all.
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08-15-2012, 09:15 PM
no it is wrong for when you leave stf and then you can't do anything
it sucks when you can't do anything for an hour
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I wouldn't mind the leaver penalty if they did something about the people that are already putting the team one person down by sitting AFK for the whole match, or are VAs in light cruisers popping constantly, or the people who get killed in space or on ground and just never respawn, etc. Not to mention all the people that leave, then just switch to one of their many other accounts (not even just alt toons, but alt accounts) and suffer no penalty at all.

A leaver penalty isn't a bad thing, the only problem I have with it is that the people that leave most often do so knowing they can just log back in on another of their multiple accounts and suffer nothing at all. So in the end this does nothing at all to the worst offenders, the ones that habitually leave.

This is also somewhat counterproductive if only because having the whole rest of a team leave a match that contains an AFK player (for example) is currently the only way to pug and not reward someone for putting the team a player down.

Now I don't leave anyway, I report AFK captains and keep playing. Though that does nothing at all to help. The most that would happen is that player would be removed, but not before getting some marks for no effort, and hampering the results for the others. Even if the player is removed the team is still down that one person, so the only change is that player not being rewarded for AKFing through a match. Not to mention that all of that is contingent on the idea that reporting is actually going to result in some sort of action.

To be honest I'd like to see something put into the game that gives the players that wouldn't normally leave, no reasons to want to leave. As compared to something like this that does nothing to the majority of players that are making people want to leave.

I'd imagine that anyone who's ever pugged an STF with one ship that never moves, and another that flies out of combat to the edge of the map for the whole match knows what I mean about reasons to want to leave.
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I'll give you guys the benefit of the doubt, but you people take video games way too seriously. Sure, some player are a pain in the neck to work with, I know. I've been here since the beginning of season 5. But it's JUST A VIDEO GAME. It's not real! So people, ACT YOUR AGE!!!!
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Typical elite sft pug has at least two people who have a huge pile of injuries they never heal. If it's ground there will be the guy who does not know how to re-modulate. Nobody else will know the standard tactics and you have to carry the entire group.

If you want a harsher penalty for leaving stfs full of imbeciles then make elites only accessible after the normal has been completed.
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08-19-2012, 09:15 PM
I had a few matches like that i really think they should not allow
players to join any matches till they heal all injuries.

for the elite stf i still think they should add a few requirements
for elite stf and stop adding penalties.
like forcing players to finish the optional's for normal stf in order to
move on to elite stf.

and remove the current penalty and add a 2 or 3 hour penalty
on that mission alone.

this new leaver penalty making me not bother with stf any more.
and sometimes i get disconnected and the game boots me and i
get a penalty thats not my fault and i am banned from the entire stf

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just my 2 cents or whatever expression you like.

Normally i dont leave early, if the team is bad, ill try to teach people how to do it right (using things ive learned from other players and my own experience).

Now this is an experience i had a moment ago.

-5 man normal Infected Ground.
-1 person has a clue, 1person doesn't have a clue but talks (always a good sign) 2 people who charge into the room, dont read chat/dont understand chat, and spam HELP/HILFE when they die, and myself (i like to think i have a clue).
-1person with a clue leaves,

This leaves me with this situation:
(no logic)Stay, get to the boss, not be able to do the boss because 2 people are utterly clueless and waste a good hour getting there.
(logic)Leave, yes i get slapped with the 1hour ban, but i can still work on fleet thingies.

Honestly i HATE how we are now being slapped with a 1hour ban on fleet thingies too. :/

My point is. Yes i like to play the game, no i dont like having to continue with a stf that WILL NOT WIN. I dont see why we should be slapped with a "-no endgame content for you-" for choosing the logical course of action.

I genuinely hope this is an error in game!

Edit: Please do not tell me to only premake my stfs, while i do now and again i prefer just queueing, less hassle, you meet more people (how i found my fleet mates), you learn new things and its fun. If the mission is unlikely to succed, I leave, not a 'no optinal ill ragequit' a, 'this isnt working AT all, time to throw in the towel'

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Originally Posted by ikenstein1 View Post
Typical elite sft pug has at least two people who have a huge pile of injuries they never heal. If it's ground there will be the guy who does not know how to re-modulate. Nobody else will know the standard tactics and you have to carry the entire group.

If you want a harsher penalty for leaving stfs full of imbeciles then make elites only accessible after the normal have all been completed with optionals and also only accessible when fully healed.
While i don't like those leaving because the optional is failed i still totally agree with you.
I also think you are too soft in your thoughts so i fix'd it for you.
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08-20-2012, 08:05 AM
full healed is the point what i agree the point for ground mission was for me from the beginning a player who not have a full set had nothing to search in eground mission that includes for me he had enought brainpower to know what is remudulation and heal from your set.

optinal or not is no point any player can go into a ground mission go afk the other 4 do the mission win optional and the aflk player get it to so pointless^^
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